Lemonade on a Front Porch

There is nothing more relaxing then sitting on a porch sipping on a refreshing drink while your kids play outside with their friends! This time of year in Arizona all the neighborhood kids are roaming the streets. Give it a month or two and no one will be found out front and will have migrated to the back yard for the swimming pool! But for now I am so excited to enjoy this spring time weather.
A few months ago my flower beds were full of just dirt and our patio was empty. When I heard about a Wayfair campaign featuring porches I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Featuring a little sitting area and my Nana’s favorite lemonade! My Nana was and will always be the sweetest person I have ever met. And her lemonade recipe will be just as sweet! 
But first I want to show you a few of the things I looked at for my front porch. There is nothing like having a good table and chairs or seating area for your porch. Then check out some fun pillows and cushions to add a pop of color.  Here is a helpful article on how to brighten up a porch and one about decorating with outdoor pillows. And then of course whats next is the best things for outdoor cooking!  
For even more ideas check out my patio idea board!
Now that you have a few ideas and some reading material to help you with your porch here are the before and after pictures of my porch and what I decided to do to give my porch a face lift. 
And now that you have all seen how I brightened up my porch now onto my Nana’s yummy Lemonade recipe. The first time I made my husband this he was in shock. He actually instagramed it. haha He could not believe that people actually make freshly squeezed lemonade! Our family went through the whole recipe within 24 hours. Most of that was consumed by my husband! So whip this up and everyone will love you and be in awe as much as my husband was!

Nana’s Lemonade
2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 cups sugar
2 1/2 quarts water
ice optional
lemon slices optional

In a large bowl or pitcher mix the water, lemon juice, and sugar. Stir very well until all the sugar is dissolved. Taste it to make sure you like the taste. If it is too sweet you can add some water or more lemon juice. Or if you like it a little sweeter (like my husband) add some more sugar teaspoon by teaspoon. Too acidic add water. Then add in some ice and lemon slices. Then serve!

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Wayfair and I have been compensated. However all thoughts and opinions and the recipe are my own. 

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