Halloween Graveyard

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My middle children Remington loves chocolate pudding so much. It is one of his favorite snacks to bring to school or to snack on after school. I rarely make it because well…I am not the biggest fan. haha but I guess I should be glad that my son likes such an easy snack to make after school.
So I decided to jazz up his after school snack by making it a halloween graveyard. There are only a few ingredients. And just by putting them together you can make your kid smile! So here it is!
Halloween Graveyard
Large box of Chocolate pudding (calls for 3 cups of milk)
12 oreo cookies
Milano Cookies
Melted Milk Chocolate
Mini gummy worms
Make chocolate pudding as directed on the back of the box by mixing the pudding and 3 cups of milk together with a whisk for 2 minutes. Then grab a couple plastic cups (small ones are best) then pour the pudding evenly in the cups. 
Take the oreos and place in a ziplock bag and crush up. Sprinkle the crushed oreos on top of the chocolate pudding.
Take the melted milk chocolate and place in a pipping bag and pipe RIP on the milano cookies. Let the cookies dry for a minute or two and then place in the pudding towards the back with the RIP on top making a “head stone” for the graveyard. Then place a few mini gummy worms around the cup in the oreo topping. 
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