Donut Snowmen

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How to make Donut Snowmen

Are you looking for a way to make the homemade Donut snowman craft. Here is a easy donut snowman recipe for you to make with your family to craft together during Christmas Time.

Sometimes during the holidays life get so busy and you forget to slow down and spend some time with your children. I will admit that I literally have to schedule time to bake and do fun activities with my kids during the holiday months when I am baking orders 8 hours a day 6 days a week. Our family always does gingerbread houses together and my mom does “cookies with Nana” day where she takes all the grandchildren and gets matching aprons and cups and plates for each children customized and my kids look forward to it every year.

I was so glad that I had the chance to be apart of such a fun Christmas photoshoot where I created a few holiday “kid friendly” treats. This event kinda forced me to do some fun holiday food that of course when my kids saw me making them they had to be involved. So as I began making these little snowman my kids one by one started to trickle in and began to take over a job on the “building of the snowmen” and since we live in Arizona this may be the only snowman building they get to do all year haha! This snowman donut recipe is a winner!

So whether you are doing these for your children or grandchildren or if you are having a holiday party with your family these are a perfect addition! And one trick I will inform you on is to have a little Karo syrup handy just in case you need to start “glueing” snowman parts on!

This mini white donut snowmen are our families favorite christmas craft to do together. If you want to you can also turn the white donuts on its side and make donut snowmen on a stick or donut snowman in a bag. So here is the donut snowmen pinterest style



Donut Snowmen


white Donut Holes
mini White powdered donuts
orange tic tacs
pretzel sticks
gum drops
mini chocolate chips
fruit by the foot/ fruit roll up (cut in strips)
starlight peppermint
Karo syrup (to “glue” anything while keeping it edible)


Place 2 mini donuts at the bottom and a donut hole on top. Poke little hole in the gum drop and place on pretzel sticks and then poke two holes in the sides and attach the pretzel stick arms. Use some Karo syrup and attach a gum drop to a starlight peppermint. Place on top of the donut hole to create the snowman hat. Poke holes and place 2 mini chocolate chips (pointy side in) to create the eyes and a hole for the orange tic tac nose.  Rip off a piece of the fruit roll up and create a scarf (you can cut slits in them to create the “scarf” effect) and place around the neck or below the donut hole and then on top with the donut hole.

These snowmen can be as simple or complex as you would like to make them. Add more or less. Let the kids have fun with them!

Photo Cred: Bridgette Marie Photography


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