Florentine Crepe Cups

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Easter is only a few days away and my family always does a special brunch. I always like to do something more special than the normal pancakes, waffles, french toast or breakfast casserole. This brunch recipe is defiantly top notch and takes brunch up a step! 
I love savory breakfast items and these have always been a favorite of mine! Add yummy Honeysuckle White Italian turkey sausage  and these things are unreal! 
Honeysuckle White is my go-to turkey company because the price is great for an amazing product. I want to be able to feed my family a great product that has turkey that has been raised right without paying a premium. Also because I was able to visit one of their turkey farms and learned so much about their company and the great values that they have as a company, as farmers, and how their turkeys are raised overall! Support companies that have great values! 

These gems are packed with turkey sausage, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. Mixed with a creamy egg mixture served in a crepe cup! I don’t know what else you need!

Prep these and pop them in the oven while you get the rest of your Easter brunch items ready. Serve these right out of the oven and watch your family and guests rave over them! 
So grab your Honeysuckle White turkey sausage from the nearest location 
Brown up the turkey sausage
Mix up the crepe batter and cook 12 (or more if you ruin a few like I do! haha) 
Either place crepes right into muffin tins or make them on and set them aside. (I like to put little sheets of parchment paper in between them) and gather all your ingredients!

In a bowl mix together the cheese and flour. Then add all the other ingredients and stir well.

Grab a small ice cream scooper and scoop about 1/4-1/3 cup into each crepe cup.

If you have extra of the mixture add it to whichever cups look sparse.

Pop them into a 350 degree F oven 

Bake for 40 minutes. But check them around 30 minutes to see how they are doing and remove if starting to brown and the egg mixture looks all the way cooked.
Then serve!

Florentine Crepe Cups
3 eggs
2/3 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
1 1/2 cups Honeysuckle White Italian Turkey Sausage, cooked into small pieces
1 1/2 cups pepper jack cheese, shredded
3 Tablespoons flour
2/3 cup mayo
4 ounce can mushrooms
10 ounces spinach, chopped (fresh or frozen thawed a little is great)
3 eggs, slightly beaten
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
Beat together crepe ingredients until smooth. Let stand for 30 minutes. (This is when I like to cook my turkey sausage) Then put 2 Tablespoons butter into lightly greased hot skillet. Cook on one side until lightly browned. Then flip and cook on the other side until lightly browned. After they are cooked, fit into greased muffin tin; one crepe to every muffin hole, form a little cup for the mixture to go into. 
Then work on the filling by tossing together in a medium size bowl the cheese and flour. Then add the remaining ingredients and  mix well. Fill each cup with about 1/4 cup of the mixture until all 12 cups are full and the turkey egg mixture is gone. Bake at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes or until set. I check mine around 30 minutes and every minute or so after that until set. 

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Honeysuckle White. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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