Top 5 Companies that are changing society

Top 5 Companies Changing Society

One of my favorite things about being a food blogger is having the chance to work with brands that I already love. Stonyfield has always been one of those companies. Besides the taste and quality of ingredients another thing I love is getting to know the companies better.
A little over a year ago I was able to go on a farm tour for Stonyfield and see the behind the scenes are their mission to create great quality products all while helping to “save the earth”! So today when they announced that they were part of the B Corporation I wasn’t too shocked, but more proud!
I loved getting to know more about the 900+ companies involved in it and what they do to to be leaders in a global movement to use business as a force for good! They use the sources from being a successful business to help solve society’s problems! You can learn more about it by watching this sort clip and here is also some links, links with more information!
I received a fun package full of some pretty amazing products that are also part of the B Corporation! There is nothing quite like getting a package with this label on it! YUM!
And then I open it up to find these beauties! Full of some of my favorite brands and some new brands that I have not yet tried!


If you have not yet tried the new”er” Stonyfield Greek Grassfed yogurt you need to! The blueberry and vanilla bean are my fav!
Now onto the other goodies and a little bit about the way they are changing society and making the world a better place!


King Arthur is one of my very favorite product lines! They have an amazing Bake For Good program they do to help solve hunger through out the world! As well as being part of the B Corp and the certifications that go along with being part of it!


Method is being very climate conscious with lowering their carbon emissions in every aspect of their company from manufacturing to business operations. Along with making their products animal friendly and their environmental friendly packaging.
Pukka was a brand that I have never tried! Famous for their herbal teas in the United States and UK. They believe in our responsibility to love ourselves and life.
Purely Elizabeth is another brand part of the B corp! They donate 1% of their sales to non profit organizations that are striving to help preserve the planet. They also have environmental friendly packaging as well as organic products. They really focus on creating healthy products for their consumers with nutrient rich products and their superfood line. Along with the first probiotic granola!
Preserve products are all about being made from recycled products and having no waste. They have their Gimme 5 Program where they collect #5 plastics such as yogurt cups and other house hold containers and recycling them to create new products! All while doing their recycling in the USA. They are helping make a change in the world by their massive movement in recycling!


 Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs are also apart of the B-Corporation! Not only are they the 1st certified humane egg producer they are have been apart of the B-Corp since 2013! They were the 1st egg producer to become part of it! They believe in not going industrial and believe in free range chickens without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and GMOs. 
I hope you have loved getting to know more about some of the amazing companies apart of the B corp! Make sure to go out of your way and congratulate Stonyfield along with the other companies that are a part of it as they strive to make the world a better place to live!
And of course I had to share some of my very favorite ways to use some of my favorite products of Stonyfield! So…
Here is also some of my very favorite recipes using Stonyfield Products!








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