My Dining Room Reveal with Classy Clutter!

My Dining Room Refresh!

Earlier this year, I did a complete remodel of my kitchen! It was our biggest house project to date and I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE the end result! I’m going to be sharing more about my kitchen in the future, but with this remodel came a need to refresh my dining and living spaces as well since they are right off the kitchen.

If you know me, you know that I’m a mom to 4 kids and top of that, I have at least 1-2 neighbor kids over for dinner every night of the week! I love to entertain and be the house that all the kids love to go to. Having a dining room that would fit us all around the table to enjoy delicious food and make memories was so important to me!

My dining room designed by my sister Savannah from Classy Clutter!

My sister Savannah from Classy Clutter is an amazing interior designer and helped me pick out all of the pieces for my living and dining room! Savannah and her husband Kyle tackle home projects, renovations, and design projects big and small and it was so fun to do this one together! She shares the behind the scenes of it all on or @classyclutter on Instagram! 

The Chairs – Svelti Dining Chairs from Article

We needed something as durable as it was beautiful which is why we went with Svelti Dining Chair in Dusty Pink and the Ventu Dining Table for 8 in Oak. I love the color and the look of these chairs! I know they will be with me for years to come!


My Dining Table – Ventu Dining Table

I needed a dining table that would compliment my new floors and had a ton of room for seating at the table. We chose the Ventu Dining Table for 8 in Oak and it has been an amazing addition to this space!

And we didn’t stop there!

Savannah also helped me put together a comfortable and stylish living room space that I am OBSESSED with! She is sharing that over on her blog and trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss!


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