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The BEST Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Donuts
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The BEST Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Donuts

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Donuts Do you think making donuts is hard? This recipe will teach you an easy way to make mini chocolate chip cake donuts! Looking for other fun recipes like this one? Try these: Donut Overnight Casserole Top 8 Easy Breakfast Ideas Pumpkin Roll Biscuits Egg in a Hole Maple Long John…

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10 Easy St. Patricks Day Treats

I feel like St. Patricks Day is one of the funnest holidays to celebrate with my kids! My boys love food dyed green and of course my daughter loves everything rainbow! For the past few years I have celebrated the night of St. Patricks Day with a fun Breakfast for Dinner with green waffles, green…

St Patricks Day Sugar Cookies with royal icing
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St Patricks Day Sugar Cookies with royal icing

Whenever a holiday comes around sugar cookies always come to my mind! No matter what holiday it is! So this year I decided to step up my sugar cookie game after taking a sugar cookie decorating class in February. I am not going to lie frosting these cookies were time consuming. Maybe its because I…

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St Patricks Day Meal

It feels like all over Pinterest during this time of year is fun things to eat, craft, or decorate for St.  Patricks Day. I always pin a million things and plan to do them with my kids but rarely does it ever happen. (Hopefully I’m not the only one) I was out of town with my kids…