Easy Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce Need an easy cranberry sauce that can either be made ahead or made the day of? Where here it is!    cranberry sauce 1 cup orange juice 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup orange marmalade 1 t cinnamon 1/2 t ginger 1/4 t all spice 12 oz cranberries   In a medium saucepan add all ingredients. Bring to a boil and then turn the heat down and let is simmer for about 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes stir it. The cranberries with burst and they will begin to break down and turn into a sauce.    …

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Pie Crust Recipe

Easy Pie Crust Recipe Need to make a pie crust from scratch? This is the recipe for you! Nothing beats the taste of homemade pie crust, truly. The best part is, it is not that hard to make! Let’s do it together.   Pie Crust Recipe Ingredients:  2 cups flour 1 cup shortening ½ t salt ¼ cup milk 2 T vinegar 1 T sugar   Cut shortening into flour with pastry cutter. Add the salt, milk, vinegar, and sugar. Mix together.   Separate into 2 equal portions. Roll out thin and place in a pie pan. Bake at 400 …

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Weekly Menu     APPETIZER Appetizer: (A1) Cheese Ball Step By Step Video Appetizer: (A2) Cranberry Salsa Appetizer: (A3) Creamy Spinach Dip   SALAD Salad:(S) Wintertime Spinach Salad Step by Step Video   MAIN DISH Main Dish: (MD1) Crockpot Whole Turkey Step By Step Video Main Dish: (MD2) Crockpot Whole Ham   SIDE DISHES Side Dish 1: (S1) Stuffing Side Dish 2:(S2) Sweet Potato Casserole Step by Step Video Side Dish 3: (S3) Green Bean Casserole Side Dish 4:(S4) Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes Side Dish 4:(S5) Creamed Corn Side Dish 4:(S6) Glazed Carrots Step by Step Video BREAD Bread:(B) Knotted …

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Glazed Ham Recipe for the Crockpot

Glazed Ham Recipe for the Crockpot Cooking a Thanksgiving feast and worried about not having enough room in the oven? This is where my Glazed Ham recipe comes in handy. I love my crockpot and think we should spend more time using it. It is like having a second hand in the kitchen!    Ingredients for the Glazed Ham Recipe in the Crockpot: 9 lb ham (bone in)  ½ cup butter ¼ cup brown sugar 1/8 cup corn syrup 1/8 cup honey 4 oarnges 10 cinnamon sticks Pepper 4 cups chicken broth 1 cup orange juice 1/8 t ginger 1/8 …

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Loaded Green Beans Recipe

Loaded Green Beans Recipe Let’s change up the way we do green beans this holiday season. Who is with me? That is why I crafted up this Loaded Green Beans recipe! It is essentially just green beans with shallots, apple cider, and bacon! Yes, I said BACON! This is how I made it.    Ingredients:  2 quarts water 1 ½ t salt 1 ¼ lbs fresh green beans ½ cup chicken broth 3 slices bacon 1 T parsley, fresh 4 shallots, chopped Pepper 2 T minced garlic ½ cup apple cider   In a pot add water and salt. Bring …

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Gingersnap Cookies

Soft Gingersnap Cookies Recipe Looking for the perfect gingersnap cookie? Well here it is! I have made a lot of gingersnap cookies over the past 10 years and guess what…I have never shared one of them. I personally never liked them enough to share. Until now.  Here are some of my other favorite cookies to make during the holiday months Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies Raspberry Thumbprint cookies Snickerdoodles Peanut butter cookies Soft Gingersnap Cookies Recipe ingredients 3/4 cup margarine  1 cup sugar 1 egg  1 T water 1/4 cup molasses  2 1/4 cup flour 2 t ginger 1 t baking …

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Cheesy Potatoes Recipe

Cheesy Potatoes Recipe Want to make a super simple cheesy potatoes recipe? Funeral potatoes or funeral potatoes..honestly whatever you call them is great! I promise these are super easy and delicious!  Cheesy Potatoes Recipe Ingredients:  1 30 oz bag frozen hashbrowns 8 oz sour cream ½ cup butter 1 bunch green onions 1 10 oz can cream of chicken Grated cheddar cheese   Combine all ingredients except the cheese. Place in a grease 9×13 pan. Top with cheese and bake at 300 dregrees for 60-90 minutes.

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Cornbread Stuffing

Cornbread Stuffing If you like sweet cornbread this is your recipe!  Cornbread stuffing is a Thanksgiving tradition for us! It is a perfect pairing for our turkey and mashed potatoes. Ever feel like you are always running out of time on Thanksgiving? The best thing about it is that it is quick and easy! Check out my other favorite thanksgiving recipes here Crockpot Mashed Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Cream Corn Glazed Carrots Knotted Rolls   Here is how you make cornbread stuffing Cool cornbread and cut into ¾ -inch cubes Heat butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onions …