Breakfast Crunchwraps

Breakfast Crunch Wraps

Crunchwraps are so much fun to eat and make! You can stuff them with whatever you like.

Like today I stuffed mine with breakfast items and we loved them! Kinda like a breakfast burrito stuffed a different way! You will love it and so will your whole family!

Breakfast Crunch Wraps


Hash-brown patties, cooked 

Ham, bacon or cooked ground sausage

Scrambled eggs


Crunch Wrap at Home

  1. Take the burrito sized tortilla and in the center add some cheese.
  2. Then top with the cooked hash-brown patty. Then top with the tostada.
  3. Then top with scrambled eggs, ham and bacon.
  4. Then fold in the sides.
  5. Grab a skillet and add some cooking spray and then heat up the crunch wrap on all sides until it is golden brown on each side.
  6. Then serve!

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