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Labor Day Weekend BBQ Menu Ideas

Labor Day Weekend BBQ Menu

What better way to end the Summer than with a Labor Day Weekend BBQ! Check out these menu ideas to celebrate!

Need some appetizer ideas? Try these:

Labor day is always the first Monday of September and who doesn’t love celebrating with a traditional Labor Day Weekend BBQ! It can’t get much more American than that! A delicious BBQ is the perfect way to end the Summer and come together with friends and family. Follow along for menu ideas and a list of amazing BBQ recipes to try out over the weekend!

Weekend BBQ Menu Ideas

Labor Day Weekend BBQ Menu Ideas

Labor Day Weekend BBQ Menu Ideas

The list goes on but see below for our favorites:

Labor Day Weekend BBQ Recipes

Hawaiian Steak Kabobs

    • Summertime and grilling go hand in hand! And there is nothing more fun then dinner kabob style! So instead of eating steak and veggies straight on the grill put them on a stick for a fun way of eating it for the Labor Day Weekend BBQ!

The Best Burger and The Best Toppings

    • The best burger toppings are the key to taking a burger from good to great! How the actual patty is seasoned and cooked along with the toppings that are placed on the burger itself is so important! Check out this post to learn how to make the perfect burger!

Baby Back BBQ Ribs

    • Baby back BBQ ribs hit differently and are the perfect dish for a Labor Day Weekend BBQ! Follow this recipe on how to make the best ribs ever!

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The BEST Mac and Cheese Recipe

    • Mac and cheese time! Are you looking for soul food macaroni and cheese? You know the kind southerners dream about. This is the best mac & cheese recipe and is a MUST TRY!



BBQ Chicken with Vegetables

    • Try this delicious sheet pan BBQ chicken recipe! With sweet potatoes and brussel spouts, this one pan meal is simple and oh so yummy! Must try!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

    • If you haven’t tried BBQ chicken pizza with homemade dough – you are missing out! Homemade dough is so much easier than you’d think! Try it out for this Labor Day weekend BBQ!

Loaded Chopped BBQ Pulled Pork Salad

    • Layers and layers of yummy toppings in this bbq pulled pork salad. From pulled pork, cilantro, tomatoes, corn, black beans, cucumbers, onions, and topped with fried jalapeño and fried onions. Try it out!

BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

    • This is the perfect crockpot BBQ pulled pork recipe! It is an easy way to get restaurant quality pulled pork with very little work.

Blackberry BBQ Sauce Recipe

    • If you are looking for the perfect Sweet BBQ sauce then this blackberry BBQ sauce is it! Try it out for your next Labor Day weekend BBQ and I promise it will be a new fan favorite.

Cheesy Potatoes Recipe

    • Want to make a super simple cheesy potatoes recipe? Some may call them funeral potatoes but honestly whatever you call them is great! I promise these are super easy and delicious!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

    • Not a huge fan or asparagus? I promise when you add bacon to it they are delicious! This is the perfect side dish for a BBQ, try it out!


These recipes would all be perfect for a Labor Day Weekend BBQ! Fire up the grill and enjoy some quality time with friends and family while celebrating our beautiful country.



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