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The Ultimate Pixar UP Party

How to throw the best UP birthday party

My daughters 7th birthday is coming up and guess what theme she picked…its UP! She actually picked this theme the day after her Encanto party. For the past year she has been talking about this party…(no pressure right?)

I was wracking my brain with how to make an UP birthday party perfect for a large group of little 6 and 7 year olds. It finally came to me! Little scouts going around to stations with sashes earning merit badges! 

It was so fun watching the girls go from station to station and do things that normally little girls don’t do! (Especially my little girly girl) But they have the time of their lives! 

Here are some of my favorite things I bought for the party

Other Fun party items

Because my daughter loves to craft I had my other daughter go around and take pictures with a polaroid camera so the girls would have photos to add to their adventure books. 

For the decorations I had the balloons done and designed by Make it Pop by Kris. She did a phenomenal job! 

The custom drawstring bags were done by Snap and Pop Studio

The house was designed by Soiree Studio and they have it for rent now! So if you need a house for your UP party contact them.  And the light up letters were done by Alphalit Phoenix

The signs and all the prints were done by Cox Printing in Mesa, Arizona. 

The DEMI letters were created by Tancys creations. With the wrapping paper created by Viola Grace.

Bailey Rae created the custom coloring pages for me. And hola favor created the goodie boxes for me.

Now onto the treats! Bite me delectables make the cake and cookies! The hibachi was done by Hibachi 

** PHOTOS were taken by Madison Montgomery

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