Halloween party 2014

I had my annual adult Halloween party a few days ago and had a blast. I look forward to this night all year long. I plan and prepare for it for months and just love it! This was our 5th year doing it and know that this will continue to be a tradition. I make these trophies for each of the costume categories. Everyone votes and the winner gets the trophy, a gift card, and this year a pan of cinnamon rolls! O ver the years the costumes seem to get better and better and this year was no exceptions! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the food or decor this year. I spent too many hours to count decorating, had a projector and screen set up playing Hocus Pocus, a low lying fog machine with a fog timer set up, had my backyard lined with outdoor lights, hanging body parts, and my back patio lined with black and white striped gossamer to create a tent like feel. The invitation were a customer order from The HoneyBee Press. Everyone brought soup, salad, appetizer, or a treat to share. And we had lots of bottled cokes, pepsis, mexican fruit drinks, along with bottled water and canned soda. We played a fun money game and a girl and a guy each took home $150. So much fun! The party planning for next year has already started! And hopefully next year I can get better pictures of the food and decor! We had technical difficulties with the fog machine, lights, and projector shorting out right when the party started!

Elf on the Shelf

Richard Simmons work out 
Jimmy Fallon “Tight Pants”

Piñata and her Mexican





Slash and Axl

Mary Poppins


Celebrity Guess Who

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Paula Deen and Butter


Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningston

Double Dare Contestants

Disneyland Tourists



Homeless Bums

Phil and Miss Kay

Double Dare Contestants

Roller Derby Chicks

Bob Barker

Piñata and Mexican

King Triton and Ursela

Check of my Halloween Decor HERE!

and Halloween Party Food HERE 
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