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Glow Party Theme

Looking for the perfect pre-teen party or teen party idea? This glow idea is perfect for all ages

If you have been to my website or instagram before you know how big of a deal parties are in our home. Each of my children count down for months until its their birthday. They pick their theme months and months ahead of time! (My 5 year old has had her 6th birthday theme picked out since she was 5 years + 1 day haha) 

This year my son Remington picked his Glow Party theme shortly after we finished our swimming pool in our backyard. With an August birthday he knew he wanted a swim party! And since last year he had his SURF’S UP party he wanted to go a completely different direction! And we didn’t did that! 

I dare say that my son Remington picks out my favorite party themes out of all my children! 

are just a few of them..

Here are some of the things that I purchased for the party:


As a foodie the food is always a favorite part of mine! The cake, cookies, chocolate dipped Oreos, Rice Krispies, mini cupcakes and sugar cookies all had glow in the dark edible paint on them. 

I changed the light bulbs right above them to glow light bulbs and it really lit up all the food!

I used paint to add glow in the dark speckles to the black cones and then filled them with canes chicken and fries! (the birthday boys request) 



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