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Lego Love and a Lego Birthday Party

Legos are every moms dream. Well at least they are my dream toy! I was having a conversation with my cousin the other day and she asked me how I do it all with two crazy young, high energy boys at home. I told her one word…legos. My sons went from only sword fighting and throwing axes and shooting nerf guns and bow and arrows at each other to sitting down together and playing legos quietly. Legos allow my sons to be creative and use their imagination. Two things that I value highly in my home. Although my boys are still very much into weapons, legos have made the noise level in my home go down. And maybe thats why I don’t mind when my kitchen table to covered in legos on a daily basis.


When I go to a conference my kids look more forward to seeing what is in my “swag bag” more then the fact that their mom is actually home. So when I told them before I went to Mom 2.0 that Lego was one of the sponsors they could not wait to see what I brought home! My middle child began building right away! I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures of him mid-playing and it reminded my how much our family truly does love legos.
And speaking of legos…my oldest son had a lego party for his last birthday and I have yet to share it! and I know I have said this once but there are two other things that I enjoy just as much as cooking and those two things are traveling and throwing parties! I have realized that after spending countless hours on my children’s birthday parties I might as well share them with you all to inspire you on things to have at your own kids birthday parties.
So a year ago I let me oldest son pick the theme of his birthday party. He chose a lego party! I also let him invite whoever he wanted…was that a mistake probably, but did we have fun? We sure did! So 50 invites later we had one killer lego party! I figured the best way to keep the kids entertained and separated was to create stations. So that is what we did for the first about hour. Then we did the piñata, cake and ice cream, and presents! Then the kids played with the legos and in our backyard until their parents came. I will admit that this wasn’t too loud of a party. The kids mostly just played and built with legos and it kept the noise level down! WIN WIN if you ask me! The power of legos!
This is the invite I used and I ordered it off etsy.
Since it is already starting to get hot in May in Arizona I crammed 4 round tables into my living room. I cut out rectangles and glued dots on them and hung them with fishing line from the ceiling. The large lego men on the windows were used by projecting images using a projector and tracing the images on large rolls of yellow butcher paper. Part of the decor was yellow balloons that all had lego faces on them i bought 2 varieties of faces. and there was also balloons out front. The front door didn’t exactly turn out the way I would have liked. I ran out of time but this had to do!





 Right when you walk into the party there is yellow bags where each kid drew their own lego character and put their name on to collect goodies through out the party.

 The first station had all kinds of lego mini figurines. Each kid got to pick with head, body, legs, and accessories. I ordered different accessories off of eBay. And also found cheaper legos on amazon and took them apart so that kids go make their own.



 The biggest table was full of legos that the kids could build whatever they wanted with during the rotation. This was the only table where the kids did not get to actually take how what they built. I just took all the legos that we owned and dumped them out onto the table for the kids to play with.
 Another station was the candy lego building station. I found a large bag of candy legos at a local candy store but they also have them on amazon here.




 Each table had a little sign on it that said what the station was. Then I had a formula can wrapped with the water bottle wrappers that had sticks with lego designs that I found on etsy and then a lego creation.


Another station was sugar cookie decorating. I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and got sprinkles, lots of different colors of frosting and mini m&m’s and all kinds of fun toppings. I used this cookie cutter to cut the sugar cookies. I had little bags that the kids could take the cookies home with them, but most of them just ate them as they decorated them haha.


The last station which I didn’t seem to get a picture of is the “build you own pizza station” I order pizza crusts from a local pizza place. Had cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon and then marinara sauce. Each kid grabbed a slice of the cooked pizza crusts and put sauce on it and ate it. I had originally had a pizza oven ready for the kids to actually melted their cheese on but they ended up just eating them without melting them. Kind of like the pizza lunchables.  Since I did the party from 2 to 4 pm it wasn’t technically lunch or dinner time so this little snack worked out great! Plus the kids loved building them.
While my husband got the piñata ready in the backyard we had some special guests. We turned on the lego movie music and 2 of my friends came out dressed in these lego costumes. I took pictures of each kid with the lego people to send to their moms and the kids thought it was hilarious watching the lego people dance around. A couple a few years back showed up to my Halloween party dressed in these costumes and had kept them so I was able to borrow them! And they worked out amazingly!



Now onto the cake…which was obviously the star of the show! One of my friends made this amazing cake for my sons birthday! She does an amazing job! She is local in Arizona so if any of you ever need a special cake made email me and I will give you here contact info.



Our favorite birthday candles are the sparkler ones that can be found at party city or here.


Then onto more chaos…i mean presents.
The take home gift was little coloring pages and then 2 lego mini figurine crayons. They were tied with lego ribbon and a custom tag.


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