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Beach Party | Vintage Surf Party Idea!

Beach Party!

My son’s beach party was such a hit with him and all of our guests! Looking for the best Tween or Teen Boy Birthday Party theme? This vintage beach/surf birthday party was the perfect direction to go for a 10th birthday!

Thinking about a beach party?! My kids are very involved in their birthday parties so when my son decided that he wanted to have water activities for his August birthday party we went through a few themes together. The beach party theme was originally his idea, but I decided to add my own spin on it! I added some vintage elements that really took the decor over the top and made this party one to remember!

I also love this idea because it was easy to implement! The color scheme and the decor can be found anywhere. I made sure to incorporate shades of blue and white and it all came together nicely. It’s nice to have a more broad theme to make finding the decor and supplies a breeze!

This beach theme was honestly the perfect party for my 10 year old boy because it was right up his alley! The party wasn’t too kid-ish and was better fit for a teen or pre-teen! I can’t believe I’m saying that! To top it off we did the “HANG TEN” sign since he was turning 10! 

Beach Party Decor:


Let’s talk about these balloons!

The balloons were provided by Pretty Balloons AZ. They did an amazing job at creating my version of the wave. Balloons are an amazing and affordable to make your beach party decor over the top. Literally….this is overflowing the space! It was such a treat to have Pretty Balloons AZ at this party but in the past, I’ve also used DIY balloon arches from Amazon! It does take awhile to do so hiring it out can be really nice if you don’t have the time or don’t want to stress! And honestly, no one does it better than Pretty Balloons AZ!

The Lighting

Alpha Lit once again provided the lights for the party! Because this party was into the night it was fun to see them during the day and then watch them create the light for the party by the end of the party. Seriously though, how fun are these! I would definitely have these again because my son loved them! This time they were put directly on the floor but I’ve seen them stacked too which is another fun way to display them!

This amazing company is available for your party too! They have different locations throughout the country so make sure to check them out wherever you are located!


The Prints!

This is something new that I incorporated into my party this year – prints! I downloaded prints from my friend Jade’s print shop, BFF Print Shop and had them printed at Walgreens! It was such an easy addition to the decor that really brought the beach into my living room! They had some great deals going on right before the party for 50% prints and enlargements! 

The Decor!

For the table set up I got different serving trays from home goods, target, and amazon and serve them in beach theme serving dishes. 

Beach Theme Dessert!

For the desserts I had my friend Casey do the cakes, chocolate covered Oreos, Cake in a jar, shark cake pops, sugar cookies and some pretty amazing treats! 

The Cake Was Amazing!

I got different candies and treats from a local candy store called Sweeties! They have them all over the country but they had some super fun candies and treats! They also have an option to order online. 

Goodie Bags Ideas

Goodie Bags are always a highlight for me when it comes to the party! I got most of the things in them from amazon (I linked everything in the top) and I added candy from Sweeties

I had the best wrapping paper made custom for Remingtons birthday party! Viola Grace shop has the best custom wrapping paper with so many fun themes! 

Beach Party Food

The entire set up plus the treats and Hawaiian food created the perfect Beach Party Theme! I found bottled sodas from the candy store Sweeties and I’m so glad I decided to get them! They have a soda pop area in the store and they have some of my sons favorite sodas! Who doesn’t love a Shirley Temple, right? I also served Fiji water to go with the beach theme. It’s all in the details!

For dinner we had Moki’s Hawaiian food! I ate it all the time when I was pregnant with my son so it was only fitting to have them cater his beach themed party! I also had their Fire Dancers come and do a dance at the end of the birthday party!

For the activities I had AZ bounce around bring their surf board and I had jolly jumpers bring their water slide and dunk tank! 

Thank you to all of my guests for another fun party! After several months of no parties, I’m SO glad to be able to celebrate with those I love most! 


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