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Ultimate FORTNITE Birthday Party : Everything You Need!

FORTNITE Birthday Party


Fortnite food is all the craze right now in the gaming world and I have the BEST party you have ever seen that screams Fortnite.

My two boys are all about Fortnite right now and so are all their friends! So when my son Remington was turning 8 and he requested a Fortnite Birthday Party I was not that surprised. But what was a shock to me was that there was not many Fortnite themed parties out there.
So the work began! And I realized I also knew very little about Fortnite. But I was definitely up for the challenge! My sons only request was for his invitations to say “Game On” on the front. So we found the perfect invitation for the party! At least it was the perfect invitation in my little boys eyes and that is all that mattered!

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Now lets begin with the decor!!! And man it was decor! I wanted to create two different “worlds” one that had the greenery and one that had more of the purple stuff. I say stuff because I have no idea what it is really called!
FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations
FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

For the landscapes I went on Amazon and got bright green, darker green, brown, brick, and wood paper. The grey paper I found at Hobby Lobby and I ordered this vinyl to place on the walls as well.

FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

Then for the ceiling, I used about 8 rolls of this cloud paper as well as 100 cloud balloons.

FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

Next, for the banners I went to the Etsy shop and found these amazing banners!

And I found the four leaf clover garland here which I have used for many parties!

FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

Now onto the “purple world” haha or whatever it is called! I used this style of backdrop that fit my space and these metallic balloons that made everything more colorful. To add onto those, I also got these LED balloons and tied in more of the four leaf clover garlands and some star garlands to create the masterpiece!
FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations


I hired a girl in my neighborhood to draw up the Fortnite people for decoration, as well as the floating bus and treasure chest to add to the backdrop!

FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

To follow the invitation theme, I found the GAME ON balloons here and attached those using some command strips.


For the purple trees, I used this purple paper and found the galaxy paper to create the tree trunks from Hobby Lobby.

The Fortnite Printables were found on Etsy and I used almost all of them! It is a great party pack that I really recommend.


FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

When my son’s guests came in, I had these shirts printed from Life Is Bluthiful  that said “Floss Like a Boss”. I also had laminated lanyards made that were personalized with name tags and created Game Passes for everyone.

FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations


Goodie bags were created by using thank you tags and these printables from the party pack. I also used this printable for the candy bars.

In the bags I had some of my son’s favorite green candy inside, as well as pickaxes, bracelets, and these xbox erasers.

Fortnite Food:

Other than the decor and accessories, to have the ultimate Fortnite birthday party, we had to have great Fortnite food as well! Here is everything we had for Fortnite food and how it was displayed:

For the table, I used this tablecloth and for the food I used these printables for the name cards. I got these cookie cutters and green gummy army men for the top of the puddings.

FORTNITE Birthday Party Decorations

FORTNITE Birthday Party Food

FORTNITE Birthday Party Food

FORTNITE Birthday Party FoodFORTNITE Birthday Party CookiesFORTNITE Birthday Party Cookies

FORTNITE Birthday Party Food


And finally for the fun we ordered a Game Truck and Laser Tag!

Thank you so much for all of the love on this party! Putting together the Fornite food and decor was something my family will always remember!

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  1. Just an FYI, according to one of inside sources at Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, that it has begun to be used in CIA tests associated with the MKUltra program from the 60’s and that Fortnite is covertly training young boys to become soldiers for the future. Personally I don’t think it’s such a bad idea as you can never be too underprepared but I think it’s worth telling people just in case they aren’t aware and want to protect their kids. It’s pretty obvious when you take a wider look at the game and some of the skills it encourageous show that of a future soldier and I know I don’t want my son Darnell to ever get himself in danger like that. And my source also says that the dances will be used as signalling messages when behind enemy lines. However, your party was great and would definitely recommend it! Be sure to stay safe and wash your hands!

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