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The Ultimate Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Lovers Beware

This is the Ultimate Star Wars Party for any Star Wars loving girl or boy!



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Stars for Photo Booth
Photo Props
Balloons – Option 1
Balloons – Option 2


A few months back my 5 year old came to me ready to plan his birthday. I am starting to think that he may like birthday parties as much as I do. So the starting of the Star Wars birthday themed party began! I think that the best way to start a party off right is by sending out the perfect invitation! I spent hours researching different invitations and found an awesome one that matched the theme perfectly, especially for this age group! These invitations are innovated, 3D, and playful. My son and all his friends loved them! Queen of Novelty on Etsy designed them and and I am obsessed!

Now onto the party..

Outside Decor

I knew that I wanted a sign outside the party location to let everyone know which house was ours. The Banner Guys and Gal have a great Star Wars sign  that I placed out front along with lines of X WingStorm Trooper , and Darth Vader balloons.


Star Wars Balloons


Photo Booth:

Right when you walked in there was a photo booth to the left where the kids could pick out props and take as many pictures as they wished. I just grabbed a roll of black butcher paper, ordered these stars, and found these amazing props from Party Photo Props on Etsy and told the kids to grab a friend and take some pictures!

Then on the right side there was a little station where you could get yourself “Star Wars Ready”! The amazing light sabers were a hit and definitely a party MUST! They were very well put together, high quality and super cute!


The “Choose your Light Saber” and “Welcome Young Jedi” were signs from Simone Made It. I used a few of her items throughout the party. It is an Instant Download and I took them to Fedex Office and had them print them on card stock.
The last couple of parties I have made these personalized lanyards for each child. It always makes them feel special to have their name on something and it was perfect for the Jedi Training theme! I had Simone Made It also do these. I took them to Fedex, printed them, cut them, and then laminated them there. Then, I hole punched and attached them to a black lanyard.

Star Wars Photo Booth with Props

I displayed the photo props down here in a bucket and ordered this fun R2D2 bubble gun that the kids took turns playing with. The lanyards were also displayed down here! The other things I included were just classic star wars toys and masks used for decoration.


I used this tutorial to make these Princess Leia Buns. I grabbed brown yard from Hobby Lobby and then a 3-pack of headbands at the dollar store.

These cute centerpieces were from Krafts by Kaleigh. I have absolutely loved working with her on a big portion of the party. She prints, cuts, and ships the items straight to you! I haven’t ordered many things from Etsy for parties that come that way! It takes a lot of the hassle of printing and cutting out of party planning and her pieces are amazing! Just wait and see! Her talents are hidden through out the entire party!

I order the Star Wars confetti that is sprinkled here and on the other tables.


Star Wars Robes


I got fabric from Joanne and Hobby Lobby and had a girl in my neighborhood follow this tutorial and make these Jedi and princess Leia robes for each of the kids to wear. I had her make almost 25 of them so I only had her do the robe and hood part and not the inner tunic. Just to save time. I loved how they turned out and I know the kids did too!



Make your own Princess Leia Buns

And the Princess Leia Costume could not be complete without the buns! So here is the tutorial I used again!


The attire for both the boys and girls of course included these light sabers and the lanyards.


Star Wars Decor:

Now onto a few of the decor items… I have an arch into my living room so I grabbed 6 pool noodles from the dollar store. On the bottom of each of the colors I wrapped the black butcher paper, duct tape, and then scotch silver tape. I used those to create the handle look! I had to do it quick so I just hot glue gunned it to the wall. It stayed on for days and stayed on great. When I removed it I just picked off the glue off the wall and no paint came off. Not sure if that happens with every type of paint or just the paint I have on my walls.

My neighbor walked in when I was finishing set up and said “You know what, you need some lights around the light sabers” the party was about to start in a hour and I was hesitant if I had time or not! But being the amazing friend that she is, she ran home, grabbed the lights, and started installing them! And honestly I was so so happy that she did because I absolutely loved it and in all the pictures it made me smile to see them lighting up the photos! She has used them a few times and every time I see them in pictures I love them! So I definitely need some for myself! They are very reasonably priced too! Here they are on Amazon  , she just used push pins to attach them on each side of the pool noodles.


Kitchen and Living room area

Over the arch in my kitchen my friend drew on these paper lanterns to make them look like The Death Star. Then took a black lantern and cut sides out of black foam board to make the tie fighters.

Over the window I hung these banners from Krafts by Kaleigh. She also had these printed, cut, tied, assembled and shipped to me…amazing right!? The garland below was from here. And I ordered the amazing tie fighter vinyl  from here. I had these all over the party and they really were the cutest thing ever!  I also ordered the gold metallic stars to go by a print I hung.


This is the wall on the side of the window, this print from Classy Clutter Print Co. took the party to the next level. She has some amazing Star Wars prints that everyone loved at the party! Prints not only can be used for room decoration. They are perfect for parties so think outside the box when looking for party decor! Then of course these prints can be used again in your kids room or play room! Its a two for one in my book!  Along with the stars from here.

Star Wars Games:

My friend used a coloring page and a projector and painted these plywood boards. She uses them for all kinds of parties. So once you cut one and cut a hole in it you can paint both sides with 2 different characters and can use the same board for 2 different parties! The kids used the Star Wars Storm Trooper Nerf Guns and took turns shooting the darts through the holes.



Another game that we played with the R2D2 trash can. The same from who painted the 2 signs also did the trash can game. You use bean bags  and stand back and toss them in the trash can.



Star Wars Party Activity:

The last activity that I did was hire a guy who was actually 6’8″ to come and do Jedi training. If you are located in Arizona I would totally recommend him. He surprised the kids as Luke Skywalker and did Jedi training with the kids. He then took them outside and did more training to prepare the children for the “Dark Side” after he did the training there was a 10 minute intermission where he changed into the Dark Side gear. That is when I did the cake and singing to the birthday boy!


Now onto my favorite party food…

Star Wars Food

The backdrop off the main food table was Star Wars blueprints from Classy Clutter Print Co.  I also had a custom birthday logo made from Classy Clutter Designs. If you mention my post she will probably be able to create the exact same one for you for your party! I also had her do 2 sizes of tie fighters and 2 sizes of metallic gold stars.
Now lets go from left to right….
I grabbed black cups and square plates from the dollar store. I ordered mini tie fighters and used them for the cups.
The silverware light saber wrappers are found here and all the food table tent cards can be found here.


The mini candy bar wrappers can be found here. They were also printed, cut and shipped to me!






In the middle of the table I had these cute BB8 Treat holders. You can go check out their blog here and their etsy shop here. They were such a fun little size that held these cake bites that The Sweet Tooth Fairy made.


I displayed them on a metal tin tray! They were the center of the table and the first thing the children grabbed. They are the perfect size for a cakeball, chocolate truffle, or candy holder! Like honestly look at how cute they are!!!!



Star Wars Cake & Cupcakes

Behind the cute BB-8’s were the cake and cupcakes. I had just some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting. And then they were topped with the most perfect Star Wars fondant cupcake toppers from Cake Devils. I used these cupcake wrappers to put the cupcakes in!


Then to top it off I ordered a cake from someone in my neighborhood in Gilbert, Arizona. She was very reasonably priced and did a great job! If you would like her email or number shoot me an email and I will send it over to you!


Next to the cupcakes and cake were the candy bars. That is another thing that I love doing for birthday parties. These were the first wrappers that I got that also came with the silver wrapper lining. So first you wrap them in silver and then wrap them in the customized candy bar print. They were very nice and great quality. These also came printed and cut! For the candy bars I usually do 1/2 hershey bars and 1/2 cookies and creme bars.

Goodie Bags

Next to the candy bars I displayed these amazingly cute goodie bags. She has so many amazing designs in her shop and honestly seeing my little boys name on the bag just melted me!
And here is a little pic of my sons goodie bag that I found after the party that he had stuffed himself!
And since you can never have too many treats I made some Wookie Cookies using star crunch cookies, black fondant, white fondant, and candy eyes.

Of course behind were more candy and treats followed by Pizza Hut.




Extra Snacks

And that was the main food table! On the side bar I had 2 types of drinks juice boxes and water. I did these cute juice box wrappers and these straw flags. I had the same person who designed the candy bar wrappers also design a water bottle wrapper for me! My favorite is to mix and match a little of everything so that the party flows but isn’t all the same. I loved tons of Krafts by Kaleigh’s Star Wars products so I order the entire Star Wars Printed, Cut, and Shipped Party. Honestly best thing I did for the party, because I usually spend hours and hours printing and cutting! I also normally go to a printer so it costs just about the same price as that but they also come cut already which saves hours in my opinion!



Lastly, I had a treat table on one of the walls. I had them all displayed for the kids to see and then ended up making each treat bag during the party because the children were having too much fun playing so I figured they would have more fun playing and then I just handed each parents their child’s goodie bag when they came to pick them up so it was kind of like a surprise when each kid got home to see what was in their goodie bag!

Star Wars Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are also one of my favorite, thought out things that I like to do! I started with the perfect goodie bag from Krafts by Kaleigh. If you can’t tell by now..she has a huge part in this Star Wars party! She sends the gift bags all put together for you. She sent me 4 different designs (C3-PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, and a Storm Trooper). I love fun ribbon! It is actually one of the first things I shop for when I do a party! Weird and funny right!? Happiness by the Yard has so many fun products. I couldn’t choose myself so I had my son pick up his 4 favorite designs! And since she has so many good Star Wars ribbons I wasn’t too worried about turning the reins over to him to pick his favorite! I also attached these tags to add a little diversity!






The table next to the goodie bags had all the things that I put in the bags. I got the sign here! And these bottle cap necklaces were a favorite of the children. I have actually ran into 3 kids that came to the party in the past few days and they were still wearing their bottle cap necklace! My favorite was the little girl who wore hers to church because it was so beautiful and perfect for church!


I used more of the centerpieces also on this table. Another thing that I love to do for parties are these candy kabobs. If you can remember I did them for my Nerf Party.

Sweet Treats

Another fun addition to the  Star Wars party are these R2-D2 white chocolate pops. I decided to go with light blue and white lollipops. When they came in the mail they were way bigger then I expected! So when you order them know that they are big and can definitely stand alone as the only take home if you wanted them to! They had so much detail and were so cute!
And that was the Star Wars Party. It was a lot of fun to put together for my 6 year old little boy! If anyone has any other questions please contact me and I would love to answer them! Whenever I do party posts its hard to remember to cover everything! So please ask away! And I hope you enjoyed this party as much as I did!


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