Back to School Labels

Back to School Supply Labels

Back to School Labels

In Arizona students go back to school a few weeks earlier then other states. One of the things that has been a game changer for our back to school is these Minted name labels. Even though my boys school has each child donate a variety of school supplies that the whole class shares I also allow my boys to pick out their favorite supplies that they can keep in the backpack, in their desk, or at home for their homework. You have no idea how helpful it is for each of my children to have their own name labels on their supplies (even my 2 year old has her own labels for her crayons) so that when it comes to homework time my boys know which box of coloring pencils, markers, crayons, and glue is theirs.

I also labeled my boys backpacks and their lunch box and water bottles so that they do not get lost. And I cannot wait until it is jacket season and I can put the labels on their jackets so that they don’t loose them at school or at their friends houses. I am always having to track down my children coats and having other children’s coats lost at my house.

The best thing about these Minted name labels it that they are water proof and very durable. They are also dishwasher safe and non toxic! So great for all my children lunch box containers and water bottles.

My other children’s name labels also have our phone number on them so that they can be returned to us if lost. Luckily there is not many Remington’s out there that it is easy to return to us!

So head on over to Minted.com and check out all their fun name labels and the other fun things that they offer!


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