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How to throw a Adult Halloween Party

Want to know how to throw the best halloween party.

We have this tradition of throwing an adult Halloween party for the last 9 years! It is probably my very favorite night of the year and I think its a lot of my guests favorite night as well!

We tried doing a theme and I think it may have been one of my very favorite years because of the theme!

Party Details

-The invitation we used! I ordered these red envelopes and then used this customized stamp to address them

– The balloons I purchased for the party are theses, these, these, and these, these

-The lights inside of the balloons are here

-The balloon garland was made with this kit

-The body bags that are hanging are here

-The lights hung are here

-The red candle lights on the table are here

-The pretend dead body on the table is here

-The backdrop I used inside is here

-The red 4-leaf clover streamers are here

-The other colors of 4-leaf streams are here

-The body limbs were from the dollar store and the other decor was from here


For the party I used these recipes

Loaded Italian Salad

Baked Ziti

Homemade Alfredo (I added grilled chicken, black and white pasta, steamed broccoli, and bacon)

– I order bruschetta from Postino

-Dessert was pizookies from The Hot Cookie Truck 



-For my costume

-My husbands costume




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