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Adult Halloween Party 2015

Halloween is a BIG deal in our home. I host 2 different Halloween parties. One is with 12 women that come over at the beginning of the month and then during one of the last weekends of the month we have about 50 couples in our home for an adult only halloween party! This year was our 6th year doing it and is probably my favorite night of the year! Here are my previous years Halloween party posts here and here! The costumes each year just keep getting better and better! I always try to come up with something new to add to the party each year! This year I added my “spooky lab” decorations and also added taking polaroid pictures with a camera when each couple walked in the door and then had an Instagram board made by my sister here to clip on the pictures so each couple could see what everyone was dressed up like for voting! 
The best way to start a party is to send out the right invitations! That way people can know that this is really a party that they would like to be at! Minted helped me create the perfect invitations for my guests! They have fun envelope inserts and labels and can even print the persons name who you will be sending it to right on the front! Minted does more then just invitations they have amazing Christmas cards, stationary, art work, wedding invitations and so much more! Head here to check them out! 

Since out home can only hold so many people a lot of the party is outside. I have the guests bring appetizers and desserts to share and I love seeing what others bring! One of my favorites this year was this mini cherry cheesecakes! 
Also outside we set up a few games of corn hole and the men played all night long! 

And now for the costumes!!!!

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