Adult Costume Ideas

For the past 4 years my husband and I have had an annual adult halloween party. I honestly look forward to this crazy and chaotic night all year. It can be stressful sometimes with all the invites, decor, trophies, prizes and food but every year when it is over I am sad. It is such a fun way to get a group of couples together for lots of fun! This week I will be giving different Halloween party ideas. Including festive food, the trophies, costumes, invites and fun. As I prep for this years Halloween party its fun to look back at some of the years past costumes! Most people that come go all out! It makes it so much more fun knowing that other people enjoy it as much as I do! 
So if you are in need of some adult costume ideas look no further! Here is plenty of great costume ideas for everyone! 

Mad Hatter Queen of Hearts

Bo Peep and her sheep


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Napoleon Dynamite and Kip

Walmart Greeters

Bob Ross and his “happy little tree”

Farris Bueller

Older couple

Saturday Night Live 

Immigration office and her imigrant 

La La Loopsy

Gumby and Pokey

Cast Away

Ellen’s Sophia Grace and Rosie

Milk Man and a Housewife

Milkman and a housewife

Where’s Waldo


Monkey and a banana

Lego Figures

Fix it Felix and Officer Calhone

Frankensteine and Bride of Frankensteine
Anchorman, Peterpan and Tinkerbell

Greek gods, a doctor and a plastic sugary patient gone wrong, police officer and fugitive

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