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Halloween Food Ideas

I feel like with Halloween food it is all about getting a good visual ideas of fun and festive Halloween foods. Here is a collaboration of a few Halloween foods that I made last year! Most of them aren’t much of a recipe but just a vision. So if you have any questions or need any more info let me know and I will send it on over to you!

Halloween is one of my favorite times baking in the kitchen with my mom. Majority of these dishes come from her. We have our annual “spooky dinner” the Sunday before Halloween. And we spend hours in the kitchen making fun goodies with businesses to deliver to their clients. I also have Bunco at my house where I host a fun Halloween dinner.

Sorry the quality of pictures aren’t the best! This year I will do better with higher quality of pictures of all the food! 

Ingredients: 2 chocolate chip cookies, red frosting, mini marshmallows, slivered almonds


Ingredients: Apples, caramel, milk chocolate, white chocolate, toppings: health,oreo,sprinkles




cheese ball olives, vampire teeth


ingredients: chocolate pudding, oreaos, malono cookies, worms 



ingredients: strawberries, milk chocolate, white chocolate
oreo cookies drizzled with milk chocolate
pumpkin bread bowls


ingredients: hot dogs, Pillsbury crescent dough, mustard


cinnamon sugar breadsticks, almonds


pumpkin bars with edible knifes (found at michaels) and red gel icing


orange slushy ingredients: orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, sprite, cream soda 



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