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Unicorn Birthday Party

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Hot Air Balloon Garland
Tissue Pom Poms
Unicorn Wall Decor!
Gold Sequin Table Runner
Cloud Balloons
Unicorn Balloons
Teal Garland Backdrop
Unicorn Fabric
Unicorn Party Package Options: One, Two, Three
Unicorn Prints
Unicorn Party Favor Boxes
Custom Name Banners
Flower Crown
Unicorn Horn


Place Cards

Now onto the Party Food and Favors! The sad part is that unfortunately the place cards that I had custom made from Sarah Finn Designs didn’t make it to the party or in any any pictures! But look how cute they are!

Unicorn Tableware



For the food I had a hard time coming up with what exactly I wanted to serve. Luckily my mom who is the ultimate baker and cook helps throw her grand babies 1st Birthday Party knew what the best thing to make for dinner was. With the 1st birthday it is always hard because the whole family is invited. So when you are dealing with feeding lots of people…probably almost 50 people were here we wanted to be able to have something the adults and children would enjoy! So we went with a baked ziti with homemade marinara and meatballs along with a chicken Alfredo. (The recipe for the ziti includes jar’d sauce instead of the homemade which I don’t have on the blog yet) We served it with a loaded Italian salad, bread sticks, and rolls!


Party Drinks


Unicorn Cake (Rainbow Cake)

We had lots of other treats and goodies at the party! One of the favorites were the cake in the jar! They are super easy to make and I posted a full recipe and tutorial here. I had several people ask for the recipe haha which actually was just a box cake mix baked in a jar! I used mini mason jars so that they wouldn’t be too big for the kids! I did them in the 8 ounce quilted jelly jars but depending on the age and the amount of kids next time I would maybe even do them in smaller jars. Unless this was their only dessert then I would keep them in the 8 ounce jars!



Unicorn Party Desserts

My mom did the chocolate dipped strawberries! They were dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate and had sprinkles on them or drizzled with pink chocolate! Lot of white, gold and pink and of course sprinkles!



She also did the pretzels dipped in caramel and white chocolate also drizzled with a variety of colors of chocolate melts! They were so fun and cute! She used different colors of melts for each color.


Along with those she dipped wafer cookies in chocolate and sprinkles!


I also did a unicorn mix using for the party and I placed them in little containers from Target dollar spot which I added unicorn vinyl that Classy Clutter Designs do for me! She does all my vinyl for my food truck and for my parties! She did do a custom design on these so just ask her to do the same ones that she did for me and she should be able to do it for you too!


I ordered cookie cutters and had Bite Me Delectables do my cookies along with the cake for the party! She is located in Arizona and also did my daughters mermaid cake and cookies and she does an amazing job!

Unicorn Cake




Rainbow Candy Jars

For the jars of candy I used the printables from Amanda’s Parties to Go and I glued them on skewers and stuck them in the candy. I also used Amanda’s candy bar wrappers for the hershey candy bars on the table.

Unicorn Centerpieces

On the food tables there was flowers from Trader Joe’s (which is my favorite place to get flowers!) along with these cotton candy sticks painted gold with ribbon out of them on sticks to put in the centerpieces and on the table to create a more whimsical unicorn affect on the flower centerpieces!


I used confetti from Petite Party Studio to sprinkle on the table. Along with printing the custom coloring pages that Amanda’s Parties to Go did for me! I loved seeing the kids coloring the custom coloring pages that had Demi’s name on them!

Unicorn Goodie Bags

Now onto the party favor bags! Which are almost always my favorite part!!!!


I had invited 12 families to the party! And since most families have 4 children like me I did not want to do 48 goodie bags!!! So i stuck to do family bags! I loved it, not sure if the kids did when they got home and had to share everything! But hey I felt like it was the only option to be able to include my favorite things without having to go overboard on the amount of bags and products that I had to get!

I did end up giving each family 2 goodie bags. 1 of the bags were more personalized custom things made for the party and the other bag other more basis treats! So the first bag I used Party Parcels unicorn goodie bags that came in their party in a box!

My family is obsessed with Bath Bombs!!! My kids want them in every.single.bath! Ivory Tub is located in Arizona and I love their products and of course their prices! When I was thinking of what to put in the goodie bags I knew I wanted them to create a custom party favor! They went above and beyond and created the perfect thing for the party! Bath bombs with blue, pink, and gold sparkles! They can do custom ones for a great price and who doesn’t love bath bombs!

In each goodie bag I had Rosebud Chocolates do unicorn chocolate Lollipop favors! They have over 300 options for different chocolates in their etsy shop! So you can find something for any occasion! I even ate one of my families that was in our goodie bag and I was very impressed with the quality and flavor of the white chocolate! Definitely a must for my next party as well and I am wishing I would have ordered some for Valentines Day!


I also put in this goodie bag the Unicorn Party Favor Print from Sweet Melody Designs. She did them  in purple, pink, blue, and pale yellow!


And since what kid does not like bubbles I made sure to have some custom bubbles from Mad Hatter Party Box. These cute custom made bubbles were wrapped with pink ribbon and had a dangling unicorn charm on the top! Like seriously!? How cute are these!
In these bags I also added test tubes that I found in the dollar section at Michaels. I filled them with a Rolo on the bottom and my son helped me sort M&M’s and put the different colors in to make it a rainbow! For these size of test tubes I did 7 of each color of M&M and it worked perfectly!
In the bottom of the bag I put pink crinkle paper.

The other goodie bag I found at Hobby Lobby. I put the same pink crinkle paper in the bottom. These bags were pretty big, bigger and sturdier then a brown lunch sack. Of course I had to use my favorite shop for gift tags that I also used for my daughters mermaid party! Cute by the Cut created these custom tags for me and all I had to do was send her the colors and my daughters name and age and she created them! She always has multiple layers and a variety of tags that make it fun for the kids to pick which one they like best to take home!

In this bag I put in bubbles wrapped with wrappers from Amanda’s parties to Go that I also used as the napkin wrappers.



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  1. Awesome unicorn birthday party decorations, etc! You did a great job. 🙂 I was looking at your unicorn cupcakes in the mason jars and the link you provided no longer works. Do you have an updated one? Thanks.