10 Brain Foods to Boost Productivity!

10 Brain Foods to Boost Productivity 

The brain is a vital body organ that requires good maintenance for brainpower and preservation for proper functioning. Statistics have shown that 50% of the people who live up to 80years or more are prone to a brain disease known as Alzheimer’s. As a precaution, it is important to eat (memory boosters) foods that help improve memory to prevent brain degeneration. Your food choices should be a vital thing to maintain good health and the functioning of the brain. Many people always question what foods help with memory, here is a list of foods to eat to boost your brainpower. Quite often, you find yourself unable to focus on an important task or assignment. When you are trying to find some outside help, essay help live chat can be of great assistance, especially when you feel that you need some time to recover. 

1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in choline, which is an essential chemical in neurotransmitters and is great brain food! They also contain cholesterol, which is a brain cell membrane component. It protects the brain by acting as its antioxidant. An adult human being should ensure to consume at least two eggs in a week to boost the brainpower.
List of recipes that include eggs:

2. Pumpkin seeds 

Many people consume the pumpkin flesh and dispose of the seeds not knowing of their vital importance. Pumpkin seeds supply the brain with zinc, which is an essential brain booster mineral and improves thinking skills. These seeds also contain magnesium that relieves brain stress as well as traces serotonin that is a good mood precursor chemical.

Try out some of these pumpkin recipes!


3. Broccoli

Vitamin K is an essential brain food known to enhance the cognitive functioning of the brain and improves the brainpower. Broccoli is a primary source of this vitamin hence every individual should consider using it. Broccolis contents are also known to slow the neurotransmitter breakdown that is a vital component of the central nervous system and improves the brain functioning and keeping sharper memories. The acetylcholine chemical in broccoli can help prevent Alzheimer’s.

Get your broccoli fix in with these recipes:

4. Sage

Sage has an incredible reputation as a memory booster and improvement of the memory concentration. It is an important food for the mind that every person should consider using. Sprinkle sage at the end of cooking to prevent the destruction of its essential oils.
Sage is super easy to incorporate into yummy recipes! Try some of these:

5. Oily fish

Some of the critical amino acids cannot be manufactured naturally from the body hence must be obtained from the diet. Oily fish provides omega-3 fats in EPA and HAD form. This oil contains the active form of EPA fats essential to the proper functioning of the heart and joints and most importantly the brain. Salmon and sardines are rich sources of these oils. 

Learn how to prep and serve your fish right with these recipes!

6. Blueberries

Research has shown that blueberries consumption can help delay short or long-term memory loss and improve its proper functioning. The berries contain protective compounds known as anthocyanin, which helps boost a sharper memory. The advantage with the blueberries is that they are widely and locally available. A variety of red and purple fruits and some vegetables also contain this necessary chemical. Blueberries can also be a key ingredient of delicious brainpower boosting smoothies.

I have so many blueberry recipes that you are going to fall in love with! Give them a try:

7. Consume tomatoes in plenty

Evidence from a long time research has shown that tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant known as lycopene. Lycopene protects the brain cells against radical damage, which is known to occur during dementia development leading to Alzheimer’s. Reasonably cooked tomatoes and a little olive oil will help in absorption and efficacy optimization. Since tomatoes are readily available in most places worldwide, you should consider incorporating them into your daily diet to ensure nurturing your brain and improvement of its functions. 

Tomatoes are delicious on everything! Check out some of my favorite ways to prepare them:

8. Turmeric

Most spices are considered to be of less nutritional value, but turmeric is exceptional in this case. It is a renowned root that has been used over the years for medical purposes. It contains a chemical known as curcumin a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric is also an antioxidant that maintains a healthy immune system and improves the oxygen intake by the brain. It ensures a sharp memory in the communication process. It is a great spice and food for the brain.

9. Walnuts

It sounds downright funny when someone jokingly says, “Eat walnuts if you don’t want to go nuts”. To the knowledgeable people, this statement is true to a great extent. Nuts contain high levels of antioxidant, vitamins, and essential minerals that improve one’s mental alertness. Vitamin E in these nuts specifically helps prevent against Alzheimer’s and maintains your general health.

Walnuts can be hard to mix with your everyday meals. These recipes are a great way to include them!

10. Beef Bone Broth delicacy

Bone broth is the ultimate solution for your brain problems. This old food has incredible health benefits due to its high levels of collagen that are known to improve the memory and the immune system. It is due to this fact that most doctors prescribe bone broth to people with mental problems.

Check out some of my favorite soups to make!


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