How to Long to Boil Eggs

How Long to Boil Eggs For the Perfect Hard Boil

How to make hard boiled eggs perfect in just 5 minutes! Quick and easy recipe where you can say goodbye to gray rings!

Have you ever tried to make hard boiled eggs and they came out a gray mess? That does not look appetizing, does it?! They can be tricky to make if you don’t know the correct science to prepare them, but you’re in luck! I am going to tell you exactly how long to boil eggs in the Instant Pot for the perfect quick and easy hard boiled eggs! 

Hard boiled eggs are an excellent way to mix some protein into your daily meals. I like to throw them into some of my salads and sandwiches, but they are also wonderful all by themselves. Especially with Easter coming up, they are a MUST for this holiday. My kids love having them as a healthy snack and they even help me peel the shells off sometimes! It is an essential skill to know how to make hard boiled eggs and it took me a lot of practice to nail this recipe. With this tutorial, you’ll be making these for your family like a pro!

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Steps to the PERFECT Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. Place in cold water. Grab a bowl big enough to fit your eggs in. Make sure to cover with water at least 1” over the eggs. You can add ice to the bowl to make it as cold as possible.
  2. Boil water. While your eggs are resting in cold water, bring a pot of water to a high boil.
  3. Place eggs inside. Carefully put your eggs into the pot of boiling water and immediately cover it. Switch to medium heat and wait 5 minutes until removing them.
  4. Place in cold water. After boiling the eggs for 5 minutes you want to drain the water and place them back into the cold water bowl. This is to prevent the eggs from continuing to cook once removed from the hot water.
  5. Peel the eggs. Once the eggs are cooled off remove the shells and enjoy!

How long to boil eggs. Perfect hard boiled egg salad.


Important Tips

  • Make sure your eggs are fresh! Check the expiration date on your eggs before purchasing and pick the latest date possible. The older the eggs, the more fragile they are. When you are trying to make hard boiled eggs it is important that the egg is strong enough to be boiled or they will crack.
  • Don’t put too many eggs in the pot at a time! The eggs will break if they are squished together in a pot. Only cook a few and do several batches if you are looking to make a lot at once!
  • The longer you wait to peel the eggs, the harder it will be. Only wait a couple minutes for them to cool and peel them immediately afterwards.


How to Store your Hard Boiled Eggs

Unfortunately, eggs can go bad pretty quickly after they are cooked and only last a couple of hours at best in room temperature. Place your eggs in an air-tight container and store them in your fridge for up to a week! If you want to save your egg yolks, carefully cut them out of your egg whites. These can be placed in the freezer and will last you for 3 whole months!


Easter Ideas

With Easter just around the corner, my favorite family activity for this holiday is to make the BEST Easter eggs. Since you know now how to make perfect hard boiled eggs you can enjoy the craft part! Instead of peeling the eggs right after removing them, keep the shell on and store them in your fridge for up to 1 week. I recommend making them only a couple of days before Easter so they are ready to decorate and enjoy on Sunday!



Everyone has their own tricks for cooking hard boiled eggs, but I have always had success with this recipe! Enjoy your perfectly prepared hard boiled eggs to add to any recipe or to appreciate them all on their own.

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