Lunch Menu Ideas {& A FREE DOWNLOAD!}

Lunch Recipe Ideas for Kids {& A FREE DOWNLOAD!}

There is plenty to be stressed about with school moving to online learning for the foreseeable future without having to worry about lunch recipes everyone! I’m on a mission to help my kids prepare their own lunches each school day! It will be a fun way to break up class time and also give me a little break since I do prepare a hot breakfast and our family dinner.

I asked you all on Instagram what your kids eat for lunch and compiled a nice checklist that we can all use for ideas! I am going to print and laminate mine to keep in the kitchen were we can all see it.


Lunch Menu Ideas


Lunch Recipes for Kids

In addition to this list I have linked recipes to some of my favorite lunch meals to make for my kids. Try them out for yourself and your kids will love them!

  • Chicken Taco Salad

    • If you make tacos for dinner one night I highly recommend saving your leftovers for the next day! Use that ingredients to throw together this delicious chicken taco salad and enjoy it for lunch.

  • Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

    • Hard boiled eggs are super healthy for you and your kids! This link will teach you how to make them perfect every time. Put them in the fridge to store until lunch time!

  • Ham & Cheese Mummy

    • What kid doesn’t love ham and cheese? This recipe takes it to a whole other level and it is absolutely delicious!

  • Acai Bowl Recipe

    • My kids go crazy over acai bowls because they think it’s just like ice cream (only a lot healthier)! 

  • Cornflake Chicken Tenders

    • Everyone loves chicken tenders, but have you ever tried making them from scratch? These turn out AMAZING and are way better then store bought I promise!

  • Pepperoni Pizza Boats

    • Pizza is always an easy option for lunch and making them into boats makes it super fun for your kids! They are yummy and don’t take hardly any ingredients.

  • Avocado Toast

    • This dish has been so popular this past year and I can definitely see why. Not only is it healthy but it gives you a lot of good energy and is a great way to get your kids to eat avocados!

  • Sesame Beef and Noodle Stir Fry

    • Feeling like Chinese? This stir fry is a great healthy option that gets your protein and grains all in one meal! Easy to make and super yummy!


Want more recipe and meal prep ideas? I have an entire cookbook filled with them! Check it out here.

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