Egg in a Hole Recipe

Egg in a hole

Egg in a hole is the perfect way to eat an egg and toast. The ratio is perfect with the buttery toast with an egg.

Egg in a hole is a family favorite for breakfast! If you like breakfast egg dishes you should try this bacon breakfast hash, egg in a biscuits, or breakfast casserole dish. I hope your kids love this as much as mine do! It’s so simple and fun breakfast for everyone to enjoy.

What is egg in a hole called?

It turns out that this classic breakfast dish is called many things.

  • toad in a hole
  • pirate toast
  • eggs in a basket
  • bread eggs
  • bullseye eggs
  • eggs in a frame
  • one eyed jack

This is a delicious way to enjoy enjoys and toast. It is playful and yummy and kids and adults love it!

It can be made in minutes and enjoyed in minutes!

egg in a hole with salt and pepper

egg in a hol

How to jazz up this recipe

You can cook and then spread mashed avocado on the sides of the bread to make avocado toast with an egg in the center

You can sprinkle cheese right on top of it

You can add a piece of ham in the hole before you crack the egg

You can sprinkle bacon on top of the egg

How to store

The only downside of this meal is that is doesn’t store very well in the fridge because the toast can get a little soggy. It’s best to eat them the same day!

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egg in a hole

How to make egg in a hole


  • Bread or thick Texas toast
  • Eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • butter
  • and a circle cookie cutter or a glass jar or something to cut a circle

instructions for egg in a hole

  1. Take a piece of bread and cut a hole in the center
  2. Then grab a skillet and place down a tablespoon of butter
  3. Place the piece of bread in the skillet and then crack an egg inside the hole
  4. Then flip once the the egg begins to cook and cook the other side of the bread
  5. Then you can butter the circle cut out and cook it on both sides by toasting each side to create a buttery circle.


egg in a hole cooking


egg in a hole

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