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Epic Nerf Gun Cake

Epic Nerf Gun Cake!

We had one epic Nerf War Party for my son that I am so excited to share with you! The nerf gun cake really took it over the top! Do you want to learn how to build a nerf war party? Here is 10 ideas for you…

Helpful Links!

  1. Welcome Sign
  2. Name Tags
  3. Lanyards for the Name Tags
  4. Lanyard Strings
  5. Safety Goggles
  6. Shooting Targets
  7. Our Favorite Orange Shooting Targets
  8. Hooks for Targets and Table Backdrop
  9. Napkins
  10. Forks
  11. Blue Plates
  12. Camo Netting for Decoration!
  13. Soft Red Targets 
Nerf War Party Decorations

Parties are one of my very favorite things to do! I always start with planning the cake, in this case, a nerf gun cake! After the party is over my husband always looks exhausted; which is super funny to me since most of the time he just shows up! I think he gets exhausted just looking around at all the party “stuff” and watching me run around like a crazy person getting everything ready.

The day that I threw this party for my son’s 8th birthday I also threw a surprise party for my husband where the nerf course turned into a fun and hilarious adult nerf war into the middle of the night! When we finally got into bed that night my husband said how exhausted he was and that I must feel the same. And that is when I realized that parties are nothing short of exhilarating for me! They get me all pumped up and make me extremely happy! Especially when they are for my family members. I love filling my house to the brim with family and friends and seeing how the party all comes together! I am always sad when they are over and can’t wait until the next one comes!

Are you ready to see this nerf gun cake?

Nerf War Party Decorations

Nerf War Party Decorations


This nerf war party was nothing short of amazing! I searched the internet through blogs, pinterest, etsy, and instagram to find the best nerf gun cake for this party! I was able to collaborate with some pretty amazing people to take this party to the next level! I am so grateful for each of these creative people and their talents and can’t wait to share with you all how truly amazing these creators are!

Nerf War Party DecorationsNerf War Party Decorations

Let’s start with the invitation! Because I truly believe that how you get the most people to attend your party is by sending out the right invitation! And that is exactly what I found over at My Paper Bug on Etsy. It is perfection! I made a little video for Instagram and it is over on my YouTube Channel.

After the invitation comes all the party prep. The little details is what makes a party! The welcome sign leading into the party was a design by Linda K Creations. I also laminated a smaller version of the welcome sign that was put on a wooden skewer to stick in the grass when you went outback to enter the war zone! She also created this special tags for each child. When they got to the party each child was given a special name tag that I laminated and then attached these lanyards. These were a huge hit at the party! The kids loved seeing their name on the lanyards and it definitely took the party up a notch! They were also given these safety goggles and were able to pick out their own color of darts that they used in the war! The safety goggles were a must for sure! She also did the Happy Birthday sign for the backdrop of the party!


Studio Bee Designs on Etsy helped with the party circles that I used all over the entire party, the candy bar wrappers, and the thank you tags! The candy bar wrappers that were designed are amazing. They have so much detail on them that makes them extra special. Her downloads are very easy to use and she is very fast! She also has lots of other fun nerf party items!




A lot of my party inspiration came from Hello My Sweet! They have thrown a lot of nerf war parties and their stuff is all over Pinterest! They are incredible! I wish I could attend one of their parties! They were able to collaborate with me on the targets for the party along with the signs going into the party! Their targets lined the party and the kids all loved doing target practice with them.




The vinyl that was done for the party was done by one of my really good friends Mallory over at Classy Clutter Designs. She did special orders for the large water barrels, the darts that were all over the party, along with the mini logos for the cones for one of the activities. If you mention this party I am sure she will be able to print you the exact same thing!

Now onto the food. The cake pops were done by Sweet Events. She is locally here in Arizona and did such an amazing job on them! She even arranged them in a cute container which lightened the load of me! Each child was able to either eat theirs at the party or take it home with them! She did a variety of designs and they were super yummy and birthday cake flavor! I highly recommend ordering from her!

The popcorn boxes and straw flags were done by PRT Skin digital! The popcorn boxes were easy to cut, fold, and put together! They stood up great all by themselves. The straw flags were also a favorite of the kids! I was able to also keep everyones drinks organized since every drink had a straw flag in it with the child’s name on it! This is something I didn’t realize until the party was actually going how amazing it was to know who’s drink was who’s! It cut down on the waste of not knowing who’s drink was who’s and the kids were also able to take their drink home with them if they had not finished! I also used the straw flags to label the take home gifts! I attached one of the straw flags to these yellow boxes that I ordered! It was super easy to do and also easy to keep track of everyone’s stuff!


I ordered the drink wrappers from here. Along with the nerf cookie cutter from here. And also the backdrop of the Target here.



A few other must haves for the party were ordered off of Amazon. Because lets all be honest. Amazon is the best thing ever! The orange targets are found here. I bought the peg board from Home Depot and spray painted it black. Bought the hooks here. To help create the backdrop for the table. The blue cones for the shooting activity were the perfect size and were bought here. And then the napkins, forks, and plates were also ordered from Amazon. I also purchased hinges to make the little forts that the kids hid behind and under here. I purchased the wood from Home Depot. The camp cups that I put food in and glued the party circles to can be found here. Another addition to the party were these blue came nets. And the little targets that we lined up for the kids to shoot can be found here. These were way smaller than I intended but they ended up working out perfectly!



And the cupcakes that I ordered were locally from Top It Cupcakes! This was the perfect nerf gun cake! She did an unbelievable job! She bakes them fresh and delivered them to me right before the party started! We chose cookie dough as the flavor and are you kidding me with the hand made toppings! They were a definite hit of the party!!!!

I have been a huge fan of Sweets from Heaven for a long time! I swoon over all of her creations every time she posts on Instagram! I jumped on the first opportunity I had to place a order from her. I was amazed by the detail and loved the 2 nerf creations that she created for me! The kids equally loved both of them! I was a little worried that there would be a more popular one and that the kids would fight over a certain one but that wasn’t the case at all! They were equally enjoyed and I was obsessed!


And here is a few more fun pictures of the party! I had the pizza place arrange the pepperonis in a target shape!

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  1. NERF guns are one of the best way for kids to have lots of fun and action packed game play. I personally like the Titan CS-50 and MXVII-10K blaster.

  2. Love the blog. I am planning something similar in the UK for my 7 year old. What did the QR code on the lanyards take the kids too please?

    1. When I did this party scanning QR codes wasn’t really a thing so it didn’t go to any landing page but you could make it go to his favorite nerf gun or another web page

  3. I’m trying to plan a nerf party for my son. Did you provide nerf guns for all the kids or did you have them bring one from home?