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Cake Birthday Party | Cake Birthday Ideas, Decorations, and More!

I cannot believe cake birthday parties aren’t a huge theme yet! For Tess’s 10th birthday, I was thrilled to put together an afternoon of sweet (literally) activities, decorations, and wholesome fun. I’ve been looking forward to sharing the end result with you all, so I hope you find some party ideas of your own!

It’s no secret that I have a total sweet tooth. After baking so many fun treats over the years, I’ve come to realize my kids have just as much of a sweet tooth as I do.  As the time grew closer to start planning Tess’s big 10th birthday, I was excited yet surprised when she said one word- cake! I was quick to agree, but was a bit worried the decoration inspiration online wouldn’t be a  fit for my now double-digit girl. 

The goal of this party was to transport all of Tess’s friends and loved ones into our very own bakery. I was absolutely in love with how the end result turned out! With the help of a few of my favorite vendors, this party turned out to be exactly what Tess dreamed of. Happy birthday, my oldest girl! I can’t wait to see what 10 brings!

Birthday Party Welcome Sign

Cake Birthday Party Balloons

Floral Birthday Balloons

If you’re interested in other kid’s parties themes- they are my specialty! Here are some other parties I’ve thrown that were a huge hit:

Cake Birthday Party Food and Treats

Dare I say this party food and treats were the most fun to put together out of every party we’ve ever thrown! Tess wanted Boca Taqueria for dinner- I’ve never seen food be such a hit for a group of young girls. They absolutely loved it, which made me so happy. As for all our sweet treats, I had lots of help from some incredible vendors…

Cotton Candy Cake Party Favors

Macaron Tower Birthday Party Treat

Tenth Birthday Party Pink And White Cake

Cake Birthday Party Treats With Floral Designs

Birthday Treats On Tiered Display

Cake Birthday Treats With Edible Gold Glitter On Top

Cake Party Decorations

These decorations are by far some of the cutest we’ve ever had! Tess loves florals, so we wanted to bring that in as much as possible. The end result was absolutely perfect.

Cake Birthday Party Balloons All Around Kitchen

Custom Birthday Balloon Arch Installed In Kitchen

Balloon Flower Accent Wall At Cake Birthday Party

Custom Birthday Brown Treat Bags

Outdoor Birthday Lawn Sign

Cake Party Activities

I totally recommend a cake birthday party theme for anyone a little older. It allowed for the most fun activities! The apron embroidering was the perfect introduction to get all the girls in the decorating mood. Then, we had the sweetest floral cake decorating session led by the most wonderful women. Sitting and watching all the girls work so hard made my mom heart sing!

Cake Birthday Party Custom Aprons

Cake Birthday Party Apron Embroidering

Apron Embroidering Birthday Party Activity

Cake Birthday Party Decorating Class

Cake Decorating As Birthday Party Activity

Cake Party Goodie Bags

The goodie bags may have been Tess’s favorite part of the party planning process- she loved putting her favorite things inside! I included the sprinkle mix containers the girls made at the sprinkle bar in here, along with her extra special lipgloss gift. The night ended with all the girls sitting in the front yard and trading for their favorite colors. It was so sweet to see!

Cake Birthday Custom Sprinkle Mix Container

Cake Birthday Sprinkle Bar

A final happy birthday to my Tess! This cake birthday party theme was better than I could have ever dreamed of. Her creativity inspires me daily, and I feel so lucky to watch her grow up.



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