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Krusteaz Baker’s Dozen

One of my favorite things that I get to do as a food blogger is to work with brands and collaborate to make fun recipes. I love being able to experiment with new products that I have not yet tried before! Some times products work for my family and sometimes they do not. And I will have to admit when I do work with brands most of the time my 1st recipe that I create is not the recipe that I end up sharing with you all. I try a couple and share my favorite! Lots of experimenting, tweaking and trying is involved! And that is why I like it! Its not just the same ol’ average recipe that I am serving my family. It is something different.

A little over a year ago I created my very first recipe for Krusteaz. I was sent a box with some of the most popular mixes and some of their new mixes. And that is where my  Soft Artisan Beer Pretzels came about.

After that and a few meetings with Krusteaz pr company I was chosen to be apart of their Baker’s Dozen Brand Ambassadors. Where I get the chance to try out their new products and create with some of their most popular products! I will also be traveling in September to visit the Krusteaz facilities in Seattle. 
And over the past several months I have created some fun recipes for them. Like….
So as you can tell I have had some fun creating recipes for them! And luckily I am able to create even more recipes for them this year. I have already been having fun baking away and have 2 fun and amazing recipes all ready for you all! So just you wait! Plus this year they have even more great products coming out that I can’t wait to introduce you all too! So hopefully I can introduce you all to some fun and delicious ways to jazz up a box of Krusteaz mixes!
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