2 ingredient ice cream

The easiest way to make homemade ice cream

This recipe only takes 2 ingredients! Homemade ice cream in a blender or homemade ice cream in an ice cream maker. 

Living in Arizona my whole life has really brought out my love for ice cream. Being able to make it right at home is a game changer. 

Making Ice Cream At Home

Recently I found a product called True Scoops. It is a simple fun way to make ice cream right at home. My daughters and I love being in the kitchen together and we instantly fell in love with this product!

Product Information

It has a long shelf life, its easy to store, and they have some delicious flavors!

Use code: SCARLETT10 for 10% off your True Scoops order! 

Holiday Gift Box

True Scoops has a fun holiday gift box, which makes the perfect gift for families as well as children! I am giving my daughters each a flavor in their stocking this year! 


All you need it

  • True Scoops flavor (Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla)
  • Half and Half


follow instructions on the bag for how to make it in the blender or in an ice cream maker.

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