Best Cancun Resort for Children

Best Cancun Resort for Children

Looking for the best resort to travel with your children to in Cancun Mexico? I have got it for you! Vidanta is an amazing resort with hundreds of acres of property to explore. 

I have 4 kids ranging from 12 to 5 years old. We have taken our children to visit Vidanta Cancun twice. We rarely visit a resort out of the country twice but we did here. 

My children all loved this resort so much and so when we were booking another trip to Cancun I knew that they would be disappointed if we didn’t stay at this resort again. 

We booked our stay with a travel agent the first time we stayed here and then the next time we booked through Redweek.


First up:

Rental car or no rental car?

The first time we visited Cancun with decided to rent a car. We wanted to explore more and the rental car for our family of 6 was the only option to get around in a timely matter. Beware when you rent that they have Mexican Car Insurance that you will need. Book that through your car insurance prior to going or you will be paying way more once you get to the car rental counter.

The next time that we visited Cancun we decided to spend all our time at the resort. My kids were entertained all week long at Vidanta. So whether you want to stay or get a car and explore either way you will have a great time.



The property has amazing pools, food, activities, and everything in between.

This resort is not all inclusive.

As a foodie that is ok with me. I love good food and some of the all inclusive resorts don’t have the best food. We also weighed it all out and decided that because we have a larger family (6 people) all inclusive resorts require 2 rooms which makes the price go up and with Vidanta we can all stay as a family in the same room. They have very large rooms that fit us all comfortably.


This resort has plenty of activities and different pools to swim and explore.

They also have people around booking excursions if you want to book them once you get there. The waterpark was still being built the first time we stayed and the second time we stayed it was closed because of Covid. 

The first time we visited Cancun with our kids we explored the area of Cancun and went and did activities outside of the resort. 


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  1. Natasha says:

    Thank you for this information! I went to an all inclusive in Jamaica and did not really love the food. Can you give a guesstimate of how much you spent on food and drinks?

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