Traveling to Mexico with Children

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Children

Traveling with children into Mexico can make some people nervous. I am here to give you confidence in planning an amazing and safe vacation with your family. 

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Must Try Resort for Traveling to Mexico

As a foodie I prefer to stay at resorts that have amazing food. That is why I decided to stay at the Vidanta resort. We have stayed at Vidanta Cancun once and this is our second time visiting Vidanta Puerto Vallarta.

One of the benefits to staying at the Vidanta resort is that when you arrive at the airport you can arrange transportation right to the resort. We had our own driver who came and had a clipboard with our family’s name on it. We felt safe and knew we were taken care of. 

Depending on what hotel you stay at will depend on the amenities you have. We chose to stay at the Grand Luxxe so we could enjoy all the pools that the resort offers

Amazing Food in Mexico

One of the best parts of traveling to Mexico is the food! Everything is super delicious and it is so fun trying all of the different varieties of food the offer. We tried all the restaurants they have on the resort and loved all of them. We also love that they have shopping and a market at the resort. We loved taking our kids in and trying specialty fruits and vegetables that are grown in Mexico. It is important to stay safe and close to the resorts which is why the Vidanta was so amazing! There were plenty of options to try different foods and every night was something unique.


The rooms have plenty of space for my family of 6 and they were beautiful! All of the kids could spread out and none of us felt like we were on top of each other.

Activities and Fun

The hotel has activities like bingo, ping pong, pool games, painting, crafts, cooking, and so much more. They have an activity calendar that they give you when you check in and they have a ton of different options. The kids loved boogie boarding and were down at the beach every day in the calm water. One of the restaurants had a balloon maker and we has so much fun that night enjoying our food with some entertainment.


The hotel also has people that come to the resort and offer excursions. So if you do not book anything in advance that is ok. Once you get there you will be able to choose what you want to do. 

The resort is very large. They have golf carts as transportation around the resort. The first day you have to learn the system and what golf carts go to what locations but you will quickly learn which ones go where. There is also resort employees there to help and guide you. 



I hope that these tips and tricks help with when you are traveling to Mexico with your family!

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