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Things To Do In Costa Rica

Are you looking for the best place to stay in Costa Rica? Look no further!


Our family loves to travel! We found the best things to do in Costa Rica! I look around for the best places to stay when we go and more importantly the places with the best food! Food is a priority for me when we travel! We love to try local cuisine!

We have stayed at quite a few Four Season Resorts in the past few years including our local Scottsdale Arizona resort, San Diego California, Orlando Florida, Serengeti Africa and most recently the Costa Rica Four Seasons Resort. Here is our review of the Costa Rica Four Seasons Resort!

After the launch of my cookbook beginning of September my husband and I decided last minute to take a trip away together. We needed to have some fun, check a destination off our bucket list and enjoy some time alone! Costa Rica checked all the boxes so we headed out to the Four Seasons resort!

We didn’t book anything before! Just our flights and our room and showed up! We booked transportation through the hotel so they picked us right up from the airport! They took such great care of us! So much that I wanted to write this post for you all! While we were there we booked last minute scuba diving, golfing, bike rides, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and most importantly the food!

I have realized that most travel bloggers aren’t also food bloggers! I wanted to take the time to focus on the food! Because I know that most of you who visit my site love good food as much as I do!

Rooms at the Four Seasons Costa Rica

Here are some photos of our amazing suite! It was honestly incredible. We kept saying to each other, how did we get here! This is unreal! And it truly was!

Breakfast at the Four Seasons Costa Rica

For the food here are some of my favorite breakfast foods! We did the buffet a few times during the week! It was so fun to try all the fruits and speciality breakfast foods they have for breakfast in Costa Rica! I also loved their take on an avocado toast!

Room Service Breakfast

The fruit and Benedict was my top favorites!

Four Seasons Costa Rica Pool

We had lunch by the pool most days! My husband got the buffalo chicken bites every day! We also loved the burger and the guacamole! I also got my daily Diet Coke with lime and half Pina colada half strawberry daiquiri drink!


Room Service Lunch

I loved the club sandwich the most and ordered it twice as well as the guacamole


I loved the special of the wood smoked prime rib as well as the carbonara from the Italian restaurant and the lobster tacos! The banana foster was my favorite dessert!


Room Service Dinner

I loved that meat and cheese board, carbonara, and for dessert the tart was absolutely delicious!


Things to Do in Costa Rica

For our adventures we loved going on the power bikes that the resort provided! We also booked the zipline and scuba diving right through the resort! Both activities offered photos so we were able to have professional photos taken! Which was so amazing!

I can’t forget golf! The views alone were worth the cost of golfing! There is a dress code so I had to buy a collared shirt so pack that in advance if you are thinking about golfing! It was defineltey a highlight of our trip and I am not even a golfer! We also were able to order off the room service menu and had lunch delivered to us while we were on the course and had a little picnic together!


I truly hope this post helps when you are trying to plan your Costa Rica Adventure! We tried lots and lots of food during our week stay so make sure to try out favorites in each category!

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