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Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World

When I began planning my families trip to Orlando a few weeks ago I realized that we would need a place to stay close to Disney World when we first arrived in the Orlando area for our 6 day vacation. Before I even looked at the Disney World resort hotels I looked to see if their was a Four Seasons Resort in the area. I am a Four Seasons lover through and through. I love staying at their amazing locations and I believe that their hotels have some of the best costumer service when compared to other resorts that I have stayed.

So when I found out that there was a Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World I did everything I could to make it possible for our family to stay there. When we landed in Orlando we decided to take a taxi because my children have never ridden in a taxi before and I thought it would be for a fun experience for them. And it sure did! Sometimes the simplest things help create the best memories for your children. We told the driver where we were staying and he went on and on about how amazing it was there. I believed him but definitely was blown away when we pulled in to their property.

We walked in and I said our last name to the bellman out front and then they turned to my boys and said you must be Crew and Remington! Customer Service I tell you!!!! The entrance lights were amazing and then we headed up to our room. The room, the bathroom, the bacon, the view it just goes on and on. Then throughout the room and in the fridge were gifts for each member of my family.   Its things like that that keep me going back to Four Seasons Resort.

We then headed to dinner at Ravello. They had a fun magic dining experience that my husband and I both decided to try! Ill tell you more about that because right when we sat down we ordered my children’s meals. We got salmon, pepperoni pizza, and steak. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the steak but my 5 year old son ate that faster then any meal he has probably ever eaten. My husband and I could not believe it. He said it was the best steak he has ever had haha. Im not gunna lie I snuck a piece of my daughters pizza and I know exactly why they are famous for their wood burning pizza oven. It was suburb! We started with the garlic bruschetta. My husband isn’t a huge goat cheese lover so I was excited to eat this one alone! But then my 7 year old son tried one bite and ended up eating 2 of the 3 pieces! Nothing like watching your son who was once a picky eater eating bruschetta with goat cheese, oven dried tomato and pesto on it!

My husband and I then enjoyed the cesare salads and then my husband got the ribeye steak and I got the grilled chicken. Oh and in between that we added the pasta option and I tried the stracci. Oh my!!!! Literally the best pasta dish I have ever eaten. The sauce tasted like a creamy lobster bisque. It was unreal! My favorite thing I ate all night. It is a must try for sure! 

After all these amazing dishes we ended the night with trying both of the dessert options that they had on their “magical dining” menu: the granita-cassata and the nutella gelato. Our favorite was the granita. Had to pry that thing out of my little girls hands. She could not get enough either. My husband and I were very impressed with the service and the quality of food they served exceeded our expectations times 10! And what made it even better is that all 3 of my kids loved their meals too and left the table stuffed and ready for some more hotel fun! 

Later that night we all got in our swim suits and headed to their pool oasis. The best resort pool our family has ever been to. It was full of fun for all ages. It was shocking when our children asked to spend the next day at the pool and hotel then at Disney World! haha unfortunately we had already bought our tickets and know that it was our only day to go so we tried to cram all the fun we could in that night!

The next morning before we headed to Disney World we stopped by the fun little shop Lickety-Split. We enjoyed the acai bowl, bagel and cream cheese, blueberry muffin, chorizo burrito, and some treats for our ride to the park. Which they have an amazing complimentary bus that takes you there. My little girl loved her chocolate covered pretzel rolled in rainbow sprinkles! 

We absolutely loved our stay at the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World. We all cannot wait to return and will make sure that we get to spend way more time there then we did this past time! 

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