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Four Things You May Not Know About Milk

Ever since my children were little milk has been their favorite drink. None of my children were juice drinks and always preferred milk in their sip cups. When they hit about 4 they start to drink less milk. Unfortunately I have never been a milk lover.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to be a part of a special milk campaign. It opened my eyes in ways that I never could have thought. Ever since then I have been more aware of ways that I can make sure that myself and my 3 children get enough milk in their diet daily!

Let me jot down some important bullet points that you should know about the nutrition of milk!

  • It is important that your children get enough protein in each meal but especially breakfast to keep them satisfied and full past mid morning
  • a glass of dairy milk provides 8 times more protein then a glass of almond milk (this was mind blowing to me!!!!)
  • milk is the most affordable way to get your child’s protein nutrition at 25 cents a glass
  • milk is the top food source of calcium, vitamin D, and potassium (which are the 3 of the 4 nutrients most likely missing from your child’s diet)
  • milk is a great way for children to get their bone building nutrients



Those are just a few of the bullet points that I have learned by being a part of this milk campaign! Over the next several months I will continue to share different facts and reasons why milk should be a daily essential in feeding and fueling your children.
Since school has started and I now have 2 children gone all day I realize the importance of supplying my children with the breakfast essential “milk” as their main source of protein in the morning. That way when they are gone at school they can focus enough to learn and be able to focus at school without feeling hungry and distracted.
There a different ways that you can create a healthy breakfast for your children with milk. I used to make them smoothies with almond milk and have since switched over to dairy milk so that they can get the maximum amount of protein in their breakfast.
I have also added more milk to my children oatmeal and if they are eating an on the go breakfast, eggs, pancakes, waffles or anything that doesn’t include a serving of milk I have my children drink their 8 ounce glass of milk while I am making their breakfast so that they make sure to get it in.
Those are a few tricks and ways to add more milk into your children’s diet before to create a healthy breakfast packed with protein!
Mini Breakfast Casseroles





Fruit Pizza
Peanut Butter and Banana Sushi



Breakfast Bar




I am excited to be a part of The National Milk Life Back to School Campaign. You can see more info about it and the facts about milk here.

What tip about milk surprised you the most?? Comment below for a chance to win a month of free milk! 

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  1. if you think you can only build your bones with the calcium from milk and dairy products.The nutritional his well-known all around the world.Milk from different animals differ in their compositional ratios but cows milk is approximately 87% water, 4.8% lactose, 4% fat, 3.5% protein and you try one of this milk at home very nourish for your children.