The Best Food at Disneyland!

The Best Food at Disneyland

Confession: I love Disneyland as much, if not more, than my kids! Our family has an annual pass this year and so far we have been twice in the last two months! We live in Phoenix so it is really the perfect vacation. It is an hour by plane or a 6 hour drive which is so much easier now that my kids a little bit older.

Of course we love all of the rides, but I am absolutely there for the food! I am determined to find the best food at Disneyland! I love to try new things and also indulge in my favorite treats while I am there! I will keep this post updated as I try new things but I wanted to share some of my most notable treats so you know exactly where to find the best food at Disneyland!

Before we get started, I recreated one of my favorite sandwiches from Disneyland! It’s so good that I didn’t even get the real thing the last time I went because I wanted to waste any stomach space on something I can make at home! Let’s dive into the BEST food at Disneyland!

Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwich Copycat Recipe

This Disneyland copycat monte cristo sandwich recipe is the bomb. You'll think it's the real thing! #copycatrecipe #disneyland #montecristosandwich #deliciousfood

Disneyland Churro Shake – 9/10

We had been eyeing this churro shake from Shmoozie’s in California Adventure and this was definitely one of my favorite treats! This tastes like a liquid churro and my kids and I are here for it! This is absolutely going to be a Disney staple for my family forever! Yes, it is topped with mini churros and toffee. What else do you need?!

They also had a peppermint version which I also LOVED but it only available during the holidays I will be dreaming about this one forever! I do have a recipe that will hold me over until I can have this again – Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

California Adventure Blue and Green Milk – 5/10

We had to try them, but didn’t really love them! It was a fun treat to enjoy because my kids like Star Wars but they were totally over it after a few sips. If you’re trying to do Disney on a dime – this is one I would skip!

They don’t taste exactly like milk. They both have different flavors that I couldn’t quite put my finger on until I Googled it. The blue is dragonfruit, pineapple and lime and the green is citrus! I also learned that it is coconut and rice milk instead of dairy milk. I’m not sure that this would make my list for the best food at Disneyland.

The other surprise was the texture! They are actually more frozen like a slush that creamy like normal milk. Overall, we would give this a 5/10 for the experience, not the taste!

Disneyland Raspberry Rose Macaron – 7/10

You can find this at the Jolly Holiday cafe! This was so pretty I had to try it and it was as delicious as it was beautiful! The rose flavor is very, very subtle, Nothing is better than a Mickey shaped treat in my opinion!

The Best Food at Disneyland: Turkey Leg – 7/10

You can’t NOT get a turkey leg at Disneyland! It is probably one of the only protein packed snacks or meals that we have in the park so I don’t think it is a terrible idea to break up the carbs and sugar haha! These are so flavorful and filling. We love to grab one for a quick snack or lunch and then eat it in line for a ride! They are so massive and delicious!

Disneyland Corn on the Cob – 8/10

At the same cart as the turkey, leg my girls picked corn on the cob for their snack. It was smothered in butter and smelled heavenly! They devoured this and so of course it deserved a high rating!

Disneyland Apple Pie Funnel Cake – 7/10

You can find this at the Stage Door Cafe! This was a fun one and super delicious! The apple pie topping was to die for! It was drizzled with caramel which took it to the next level for me! I love funnel cake so this unique spin on a traditional treat was exactly what I didn’t know I needed!

California Adventure Smokejumper’s Grill – 6/10

We made a stop here for lunch and it was overall really yummy! If I see buffalo chicken on the menu, that is what I order! This is how I know if I really like a restaurant! (haha, just kidding!) I did get the buffalo chicken sandwich here which I liked, but didn’t LOVE. It wasn’t the best thing I had that day. I would still go back because it is nice to have a sit down meal when your day is full of walking and standing! I would say next time I will pick something else to try, but I rarely stray from buffalo chicken!

My husband got the cauliflower (he needed a veggie I guess!) and he really enjoyed it!

Disneyland Merceline’s Confectionery – 10/10

You just can’t go wrong here! Everything – and I mean everything is delicious! I love to try something new each time I am here. On my last trip, I picked up this chocolate covered pineapple spear and it was so tasty!

I also picked up a peanut butter square since it came so highly recommended from all of my readers! It lived up to the hype for sure!

The Best Food at Disneyland: Churro Toffee – 10/10

This is unreal! This is such a hidden gem at Disneyland that you will find at Merceline’s Confectionery and an absolute must try if you love churros or toffee!

Disneyland Corn Dog – 10/10

I feel like I keep saying everything is my favorite, but this is truly my favorite Disneyland staple. You cannot make it through Disneyland without grabbing a corn dog! These are not like any corn dog. The corn bread on the outside is so crispy on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside. After all of the treats, I tend to feel like I need a “real” meal and this hits the spot for sure! There is always a long line because it is so yummy and so worth it!

I think the entire meal with a drink and chips is around $8-10, making it one of the most affordable meals in the park that I’ve found!

Disneyland Churros – 10/10

I won’t spend too much time here because you all know how amazing Disneyland churros are. This is the churro that all churros aspire to be! There hasn’t been a better one that I’ve come across. We try to eat as many as we can before trip is over haha! I swear, you could eat 100 of these and feel like you didn’t eat anything at all!

Disneyland Pickle

I wouldn’t say the pickles at Disneyland are the tastiest, but they really do hit the spot when you are having sweet treats during the day! A crunchy, salty pickle is always a must during our day.

So, what am I missing? With a million treats to choose from, the best food at Disneyland is going to be changing! Comment below what I should try next! What is your favorite food at Disneyland?

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