My Honest Beddy’s Review

My Honest Beddy’s Review


As a busy mom to four kids, wife, and business owner, I am always looking for ways to make my life just a little bit easier. This year, I have been committed to outsourcing things on my to-do list and it all started at home. My kids are getting older and I knew one thing I could do is to have them be responsible for their own rooms. This all started with Beddy’s….

Making their bed.

My boys share a bunk bed to be honest, they never made their bed. I don’t really blame them. Have you ever tried making a bunk bed? It is basically impossible! My sister has used Beddy’s for her kids for years and has raved about them. I just never bit the bullet because I didn’t know if it would be worth it or if my kids would like them.

I finally caved and bought Beddy’s for my kids as a gift and I am here to tell you that they are not only worth it, they are truly life changing!

Beddy’s is zip up bedding.
It’s made for adults and kids! It is a comforter and sheet combined making it all one piece. It is similar to a sleeping bag but a thousand times more comfortable.

They are incredibly comfortable.
The most comfortable bedding we own! My kids LOVE them! They are linked with minky fabric that so soft and cozy.

They are just SO simple to use and wash!
No matter how you like to sleep, zipping in an out of our bed is so easy to do. My kids sometimes sleep zipped up like a sleeping bag and sometimes unzipped if they don’t want a blanket. Each week, the entire thing gets thrown in the wash!

They are seriously adorable!
So many patters are available! I know my kids will love the ones they have even when they are a bit older.

I stopped having to replace their bedding each year.
Before Beddy’s, I was buying comforters and sheets each year for my kids. We have had our Beddy’s since 2017 and they still look great. I did recently get new ones for them since we have redecorated their rooms, but we gave our previous ones to family since they are in such great condition.

The best thing?
My kids make their beds each morning! It’s so easy for us all to start off the day on the right food – with a PERFECTLY made bed!!

Beddy’s was kind enough to give my readers a 20% discount on any order! Use the Beddy’s coupon code SCARLETT20


3.7/5 (33 Reviews)

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