How to Cut an Avocado

How to Cut an Avocado

Have you ever learned how to cut an avocado the right way? This is a food that I use in so many of recipes and I have perfected the way to cut them over the years! Let’s dive in to the best way to cut an avocado!

Before we get into the steps, here are my favorite recipes that use avocado:

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How to Cut an Avocado:

  1. Make sure it is ready to use!
    To see if it is ripe, give the avocado a light squeeze. Ripe avocados are dark in texture and have some give when you squeeze them. If it is green or very hard in texture, it is probably isn’t ripe yet. If it is almost black in color or very soft, it might have gone bad.
  2. Cut it in half
    You’ll want to cut in half from top to bottom.
  3. Remove the pit
    This is actually kind of fun! To remove the pit without losing any of the avocado, holding the knife in one hand and the avocado in the other. Hit the pit with the middle of your knife. Once you have a good grip, twist the knife which will remove the pit.
  4. Slice to your liking
    Using the same knife, slice the avocado to your liking while it it is still in the skin. Avoid piercing the skin.
  5. Scoop!
    You can use a spoon to scoop out your sliced avocado or turn the avocado half upside down and squeeze it ou
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