Easy Dinners for Two

Dinners for Two – Easy Recipes!

Learn how to make several recipes perfect for just two people! Don’t want leftover food? This is a great “dinners for two” recipe list! 

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Are you tired of wasting food and looking for some dinners for two options? Because I have put together a list of easy dinner recipes that are perfect for 2 people! All of these meals could also be made into larger portions as well, but it is great to have the choice! Next time you go to the store pick up some ingredients for these recipes and try them out!

Ideas for Easy Dinners for Two:

Salmon Bake with Pecan Crunch Coating

Cashew Chicken Recipe

  • Chinese food is always a favorite, however this cashew chicken is definitely at the top of the list! This chicken is AMAZING and is filled with so many different flavors. Tossed with some vegetables and this will make the most perfect dinner meal!

Ramen Oriental Chicken Salad

  • This salad is delicious and the perfect amount for a dinner for two meal. It could also be made for a lunch and does not require a lot of ingredients! Super easy to make and healthier for you too!

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

  • If you are looking for a loaded cauliflower soup with cheeses and chipped beef this is your recipe! Cauliflower soup is super yummy and can be made for lunch or dinner! If you make too much, this recipe saves in the fridge perfectly and can be eaten throughout the week. It is great as a dinners for two recipe!

Creamy White Chicken Chili

  • The perfect year round chili that will have you craving it all of the time! This chicken chili recipe is amazing and great for two people. Try this recipe for sure and it will not disappoint!

Simple Stir Fry Recipe

  • Here is a simple stir fry recipe! It is super convenient being able to add veggies and meat into one meal and this makes it super easy. Cook up some rice and also add in veggies! This stir fry sauce is AMAZING and can be paired with a lot of different recipes on my site too!

Cajun Chicken Pasta

  • This is a version of the Food Networks Bayou pasta recipe! It can be made spicier by adding peppers and more cajun seasoning or made not as spicy by just seasoning with salt and pepper. Try it out!

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

  • The most delicious pasta salad you will ever have! Check out the ingredients I use every time to create this masterpiece. Easy for dinners for two people and also a healthier option as well!

All of these dinner recipes for two are amazing options because they are easy to make with minimal ingredients! Add the ingredients to your next shopping list and let me know what you though of these recipes!


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