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Geometry Towels | Are They Actually Worth The Price?

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows how important a dish towel is. From cleanup to drying, having a reliable dish towel makes it easy to cook without worry. I’ve been through countless dish towels over the years, but none ever seem to hold up for more than a few months. 

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After hearing all the buzz around Geometry and their eco-friendly towels, I had to try them out for myself. Today, I’ll be giving my honest Geometry house towels review and discussing if they can hold up in the busiest of kitchens.

What Are Geometry House Towels?

Geometry House Towels

Geometry towels are the most beautiful dish towels I’ve ever seen. There is an endless supply of prints available, from neutral and muted to vibrant and colorful. No matter what your taste or kitchen looks like, I promise there is a perfect towel for you. 

I’d already fall in love with two stunning prints, but I really love their missions too. Geometry focuses on making not just their tea towels (the sweetest name ever!), but everything available on their site is eco-friendly and made of recycled post-consumer materials. These make the best gifts, too!

As soon as I clicked order, I couldn’t wait to put these dish towels to the test in my busy kitchen.

How I Use Geometry Towels In My Kitchen

Geometry House Towels

I proudly unboxed my new Geometry towels and placed them on their new home- the oven door. Before I even realized, these tea towels were an important item to making that night’s dinner!

Having dinner as a family is extremely important to me, but with our busy schedules it’s not often easy. This dinner was a blur of seasonings, vegetables, and a main dish. In all my haste I knocked over a huge cup of water and it crashed all over my counter. Without thinking, I grabbed one of my brand new towels- it worked incredibly! 

I’ve never had such an inexpensive towel actually absorb water without much fuss. In no time I was back in business finishing up our dinner. When it came time to clean, the towels worked flawlessly at drying all my dishes.

Geometry towels have now become an absolute staple in my kitchen and I can’t imagine making a single meal without them at an arm’s length away. If you’re interested in trying out any of Geometry’s products for yourself, use code: Scarlett15 at checkout!

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