My Top 10 Travel Essentials

My Top 10 Travel Essentials

Is anyone else just ready to jump on a plane to go anywhere, like actually anywhere? I have been daydreaming about traveling again just to use these travel essentials I love!

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10 Things I Can’t Travel Without

I’m on my way to a girls trip in Hawaii after months of planning and I am so excited! My family LOVEs to travel and we take several trips every single year. It is such a fun way for us to bond and spend time together as a family. They have become some of our favorite memories! Traveling so frequently has helped me narrow down the travel essentials for any trip and that is what I’ll be sharing with you today!


  1. The Serra Set – Packing Cubes

 When I say these are a necessity, I mean these are a necessity. They truly can change the way you pack and weirdly enough, you end up having more space! I love this small business and how creative their sets are. If you’ve never tried packing cubes, they will change your life! I love to sort my outfits into individual cubes so they are pre-planned and ready to go!

          2. Electrical Charging Cords

If you have a big family all sharing one room with 2 outlets, this is a no brainer! There never seem to be enough to go around! With my family, we have lots of devices to charge so I always bring one or two of these with us. They always get used!

          3. Charging Cords Case

You know what is worse than a lack of outlets? Damaged and tangled charging cords! Like I mentioned above, we are typically bringing a charging cord for each device and they get mixed up easily. That is why I love these cases because they come in several colors and helps us know who belongs to who.

          4. Makeup Bag

This makeup bag holds everything! It is portable and foldable which gives me the perfect amount of space! You do not want to be without this!

          5. Charging Cords De-tangler

This goes hand in hand with the cord holders! Even though your cords are organized in their different cases, doesn’t mean they are not tangled. These are so great and my kids find them very useful!

          6. Bathroom Organizer Kit

Need a way to carry all your favorite products on your trip without packing the huge bottles? Or are you skipping right to just a carry on but worried about your liquid sizes? Get a kit that does it all for you!

          7. My Favorite Sunscreen!

Sunscreen all day every day! Maybe it is just a “living in Arizona” thing, but I don’t go anywhere with this sunscreen! It’s not greasy, smells great, and it works!

          8. Portable External Battery

So, we have our cord organizers, our cord de-tanglers, and our outlets “enhancers” but what if something dies on the go? These little guys are game changers! Nothing is worse than your phone dying!

If you are feeling a bit fancy, try the iPhone charger that sits on the back of your iPhone case!


          9. The SkyClip

Perfect for long flights or needing to distract your kids! Plus, so much better for your posture and your neck!

          10. Wireless Transmitter/Receiver 

Okay, instead, let’s ditch those long headphone cords all together! Deal? This is perfect if you don’t want to be stuck with uncomfortable flight headphones. It wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment, gym equipment, gaming devices, TV’s or any 3.5 audio jack. This thing is SO cool!


So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments if you decided to try out one of these travel essentials and I hope you have the most amazing time on your next trip!

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