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National Doughnut Day

Happy National Doughnut Day!! It seems like all over social media everyone is celebrating this day! I am pretty sure no one needs a special holiday to get someone to eat a doughnut but hey any reason to celebrate is a good reason in my book!

Our family loves doughnuts! My baby girl ask for either doughnuts or pancakes every single morning for breakfast! But most of the time she says “doughnut” right after we drop my oldest son off at school! And a few months ago my very favorite doughnut shop opened up 2 miles away from our house. I have a love hate relationship with that place! Love the way they taste, hate that I eat 2 to 3 doughnuts every time I go!

Every Monday night my boys each get to pick a family to serve. If I don’t have time to make a treat that day we always pick up doughnuts to drop off to them! Because every one loves doughnuts!

Here is a collaboration of some yummy doughnut recipes! Which one will you try to celebrate National Doughnut Day!!?


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