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Ninja Turtle Party

Throwing parties has been in my blood since I was a young girl! I loved having parities, helping my mom throw parties, or throwing parties for my friends. And as I have become a mother I have enjoyed putting extra effort into my kids parties. The themes chosen have mostly been their own choices (which is not always my favorite) but I have made it what they want it to be!
After I went to IFBC in Seattle last month I have been deciding what direction I want to take the blog. I have been wanting to expand my horizon and incorporate more things on the blog. So I have decided on Fridays to add party and party food ideas along with great food to eat while traveling.
I have some other things up my sleeve but aren’t quite ready to present yet. So for now I will just stick to adding the parties and traveling sections to the blog. So I hope you all enjoy them!
In August my son Remington picked Ninja Turtles as his birthday theme. With all the rage about Ninja Turtles lately I was able to find some pretty fun stuff. I bought some stuff from etsy to have the perfect printables and invitations and extra fun stuff. Unfortunately creating printables isn’t my forte so thank goodness for etsy.
Here is the shops that I used:
I also had a bounce house, snow cone machine, cotton candy machine, and a ninja turtle pinta.
invitation envelopes


party prep begins…



fabric cut into strips with eyes cut out


dollar store tins, sprayed with dark and light green spray paint and tied with brown ribbon


green goodie bags from the dollar store with the printable above


funfetti cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting with fondant cupcake toppers


cake ordered from local grocery store (per sons request haha)




Used green butcher paper and a projector and projected image onto the paper and then traced it and cut it out





chocolate pudding and crushed up oreos


lime green jello



cakepops ordered from a local AZ girl (email me if you want her info)




Birthday Boy enjoying the cotton candy machine






our favorite candles are the sparkler candles from Party City




glued these on the back of the goodie bags
I also did Toxic Ooze and Mutant Animals that I found on that website! Containers and “growing animals” were found at the dollar store
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