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The best yogurt for your baby

The best yogurt for your baby

As a mother of 4 children I am always looking for the best things to feed my children




Let me start by saying there is a few brands that I love watching them come out with new products and to see what amazing things they continue to do! Stonyfield is one of them!

When I was pregnant with my baby (which is in the pictures below) I was able to visit some of their dairy farms and learn more about their products. I fell even more in love with them!

Now this baby of mine is no longer growing in my belly like she was then and is now my little girl! Transitioning to feeding my babies has always been trial and error for me. Some of my kids liked certain foods and some of them hated them. When I heard about the new Yobaby Banana Mango yogurt made especially for babies 6 months to 2 years old I was so excited. I honestly wasn’t surprised that Stonyfield had accomplished this because they always seem to have a way with accomplishing things like this! But was so excited to be one of the first to try this out! One of their goals for this year was also to remove added sweeteners so they did!

The YoBaby is also a great first food for your baby once they turn 6 months old! And not only is this the #1 recommended yogurt for babies by Pediatricians it is always #1 recommended by me! haha and come on you know that counts as something!

As a mom of a 2 year old that is constantly wanting to feed herself I was very excited to find out that the Yobaby Banana Mango was thick and creamy. Not runny like a lot of the other organic yogurts.


Springtime in Arizona means spending as much time as possible outside before the 100 degree temperatures hit! We have been outside at baseball games and practices as well as spending time at the park. The kids always need snacks! These little metal lunch boxes are my favorite for keeping things cold.

My kids are ALL lovers of the squeezable applesauces. And have been life changing for an on the go busy mom with a baby. So I always have them on hand. And lately we have been loving the Once Upon a Farm ones!

I also tossed in some hard boiled eggs, lunch meat, string cheese, and fruit. It was the perfect balance with all the things for my little girl!

If these photos don’t tell you how much she loves them all especially the Stonyfield YoBaby then I don’t know what to tell you!






*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Stonyfield and Once Upon a Farm. I have been compensated for this post. However all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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