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Top 10 MUST HAVE Kitchen Gadgets

Top 10 MUST HAVE Kitchen Gadgets

Do you want to know the BEST things to have in your kitchen as an at home cook?

Spending time in the kitchen can be fun but also frustrating if you don’t have the right things. Not all kitchen gadgets have to be “chef approved” but just normal things that anyone can operate out of their at home kitchen.

Spending time in the kitchen can be fun but also frustrating if you don't have the right things. Not all kitchen gadgets have to be "chef approved" but just normal things that anyone can operate out of their at home kitchen. #madeitateitlovedit

I am a mom who loves to cook food! Not everything I was able to buy right when I wanted them. Some are more expensive than others and some I have used for 11+ years! So here are just a few of my absolute FAVORITE kitchen things!!

#1 Bosch

I got my Bosch when I was married from my grandma and aunts. I have used it since I got married and mine is still working great! It is an investment at first but will last you years! Buying quality pays off with these!
I use a Bosch to make cookies for my food truck and I love the cookie paddles that this one comes with. The blender attachment and bread hook is also so of my very favorite, most used parts of it.

#2- Pots and Pans

I will admit I have only used these pans for the past 2 years. My husband surprised me with this set that he bought at Williams Sonoma but for some reason I can’t find the set from there on their website but I did find the exact one on Amazon.
He got these for me for Christmas and I was in absolute shock! I had been wanting a nice set for years and he finally got them for me! I think he may have been sick of our old ones who would leave “black” traces of stuff from the bottom of the pan in his food haha.
But I am obsessed with these! They are the non stick ones which makes it amazing to clean. You just wipe it right out with a paper towel and it comes perfectly clean. This is another investment. Buy them and use them for years!

#3 Electric Griddle

I used my griddle every single week. And sometimes even more. To be honest I buy mine on black Friday every single year. I get a new one each year and usually my old one needs to be thrown away. I have never bought great quality of these electric griddles. Just light easy ones to use. Usually the brand they have is Black and Decker from Black Friday. So here is a link to a similar one.

#4- Large Crockpot

Lately I have been on a huge crockpot kick. My kids are super busy after school and I am usually gone running carpools or going to sports games from 4-6 or 7. So I have been using my crockpots more than ever. I have a large one and a medium size one. I use them both together side by side a lot. The only reason I have two different sizes is because that is what I was given at my wedding 10 years ago. Man I have used them a long time and they are holding up for the most part. Here are the two that I have that have been amazing for me. Large one can be found here!
Medium sized one– (I have a white one though)

#5- Silpat Baking Liners

I have about 8 of these. Each of my cookie sheets have them. I use them for pretty much everything. I like the way cookies bottoms get cooked with these. They are just one of those things that I just love but its hard to explain. I just use them almost every single day. So thats that.

#6-Traeger Grill

So we recently joined the Traeger Fan Club. My parents gave each of the married couples a gift for Christmas for either a BBQ grill, smoker, or built in BBQ. 3 of the 4 of us chose to get a Traeger. We have used it probably twice a week since Christmas. We have loved ours and the flavor it gives our meats. Here is the Traeger that my husband and I chose to get. It is honestly the perfect size for our family of 6.

#7-Weber igrill thermometer

For our Traeger this thermometer is life changing. You download an app and it syncs to your thermometer and you select the type of meat and the cut of meat and it tells you what temperature it is done at. You can select is you want rare or well done or whatever and it will give you alerts when your meat is done. Game Changer!

#8 Non Stick Bread Pans

I love to make bread. Well actually let me rewind. My husband loves me to make bread! I have a recipe that is on my blog under “Momma’s White Bread” that makes 5 loaves. Honestly my family could go through all 5 of them in one week. They love them so much. But since the recipe makes 5 loaves I need 5 bread pans. When you have to buy 5 pans you need them to be affordable. So here is the ones that I have.

#9- Spoon rest

Haha you may think this is ridiculous but it is true. I use my spoon rest all the time. Everyday all day practically. You just need a place to put that spoon as you cook! My mom always gets me cute ones as gifts bc she has the same love for spoon rests as me! The most recent one she got me was from Anthropologie and is the cutest! They don’t have it for sale anymore but they always have fun ones!

#10 Scrapers

I have had a few different scrapers. But right now I have these cheap plastic ones. They did the job done. I used them to scrap off my counter after I roll out cinnamon rolls or just to clean off the counter or whatever. They are just one of those things that I probably use every week or every other week to make cleaning up a little easier.
So these are just my favorite things that I use. I do like to “grill” and bake so that is why there are those things in there. Some people decorate more or do cakes. These are just my personal favorites.
I do have a Blendtec blender that I use. I will admit I am not a huge smoothie maker. My kids prefer “hot” breakfasts so that is why it did not make my TOP 10 kitchen gadgets. I absolutely love it but I just don’t use it as much.  But this is the exact one that I have.
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