Valentine’s Day Sweet Charcuterie Board

Valentine’s Day Sweet Board 

Calling all charcuterie board lovers, this is for you! Charcuterie boards are still a viral hit so let’s make one for Valentine’s Day.

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What will I need to complete this recipe?  

M&M’s Cupids Mix Valentine’s Day Mix, Branch classic conversation hearts, Cherry jelly hearts,  Valentine’s Day assorted chocolates, Six-lets, Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks, Sugar cookies, iced  sugar cookies, Oreo’s, Large marshmallows, Life Savers wild berry, Strawberries, Raspberries,  Vanilla sugar wafers, Iced animal crackers, Vanilla almond bark, Sprinkles, and a large wooden  board or large plate. 

Total Time: 30 minutes 


  • M&M’s Cupids Mix Valentine’s Day Mix 
  • Branch classic conversation hearts 
  • Cherry jelly hearts 
  • Valentine’s Day assorted chocolates 
  • Six-lets 
  • Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks 
  • Sugar cookies 
  • Iced sugar cookies 
  • Oreo’s 
  • Large marshmallows 
  • Life Savers wild berry 
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries 
  • Vanilla sugar wafers 
  • Iced animal crackers 
  • Vanilla almond bark 
  • Sprinkles 


  1. Grab a large cutting board, plater, or even a long roll of brown construction paper. 2. Place all bowls or jars where you would like them. 
  2. Fill bowls with Six-lets, Life Saver gummy’s, and M&M’s. 
  3. Next start filling the empty spaces with cookies, candies, and fruit. 

Tips for Making a Charcuterie Board: 

  1. Dip cookies and strawberries into almond bark and add sprinkles to create your own themed  cookies for your board. 
  2. Find all your favorite pink and red hue candy to fill your Valentine’s Day board. 
  3. Where to purchase cute holiday shaped bowls- you can always find fun holiday shaped bowls at  Hobby lobby, Michaels, Jo Ann Fabrics, Target, or even Walmart. 
  4. Sometimes you can find cute themed candy as XOXO gummies which makes a great addition to  this board. 
  5. Once you have filled your board you can fill in little spaces with sprinkles or extra candy here  and there. 
  6. I know you are thinking how much should I get? The first question I would ask is if you are just  doing a smaller board for game night or if you are having a large party. If you are doing a large  get together, I suggest getting a variety of your favorite cookies and candy to create a large  board. 
  7. If you don’t have a large platter no worries. You can easily use brown construction paper, plus  this helps with an easy clean up. 
  8. Everybody is never perfect, move things around until you have everything right where you like  it. I like to put the bowls in 2 corners then 1 in the middle, and fill in from there.

Links for Ingredients and Board 


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