Brownie Trifle Push Pops


These brownie pops are fun, rich and chocolatey! It is the chocolate whip cream that makes them that way! You can make them less rich by using regular homemade whipped cream if you would like! I am not a huge chocolate person (believe it or not) and so I prefer these with the white whipped cream. So it is all up to you and how much chocolate you like.


Brownie Trifle Push Pops
Favorite Boxed Brownie Mix (baked according to directions on back and cooled)
Chocolate Sprinkles optional
Chocolate Bar Shavings optional
Chocolate Whipped Cream
3 cups whipped cream
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup baking cocoa
Shift powdered sugar and cocoa. This is crucial so you don’t have any lumps in your whipped cream. Grab a mixer and whip the cream on medium speed for 1 minute then slowly add the powdered sugar and cocoa mixture. Turn mixer to high and whip until the whipped cream is formed. Do not over whip.

Grab your cooled brownies and then grab your trifle cups. Turn the cup upside down and use it as a cookie cutter to get your cake the right size. Once you have all of you circles cut out slice them in half making 2 thinner circles. Then take your cup and put one of the circles in it. Then a heaping Tablespoon of the chocolate whipped cream (or you can pipe it in) Sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles. Then take another brownie circle and layer it. Followed by another Tablespoon of the chocolate whipped cream. Repeat steps if you have more room then top with whipped cream and garnish chocolate bar shavings.

Note: This can be made in any size of trifle dish. If you have a bigger trifle dish you are using it will be better to cut the brownies in cubes instead of large circles to create the brownie layer.



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