Mermaid and Pirate Party Food and Activities

The mermaid and pirate party decorations are in the post prior! Now onto the party activities and the food! My daughter really wanted a princess bounce house castles! I decided to cave and give my 4 year old whatever she wanted! And of course what kid doesn’t love going to a party with a bounce house and slide! It fit perfectly in our backyard and I ordered it from Bounce It Up Party Rentals! If you are in Arizona definitely give them a try! I was very pleased with their service and everything worked perfectly! The number to call is 480-254-2561.
My little girl also requested a face painter and a balloon person! She obviously is very particular in what she wanted for her birthday! I found the most amazing face painter in Arizona! She was absolutely amazing and reasonably priced! The kids all lined up and she had great pictures and options for the kids! I loved the variety of each kid and what they got! I ended up having her do more simple balloons for the sake of running out of time but she also makes amazing balloon creations! You can email her at or find her on Facebook.
Along with the bounce house, face painting and balloons, we had 2 different crafts for each of the kids to do!
I bought a variety of wooden treasure chests from hobby lobby. I got stickers, jewels, glitter, and all kinds of fun little things to help the kids decorate their boxes. Some kids took more time on theirs then others and some even decided to open them up and fill the entire box with glitter glue! 
I also got little glass containers from Hobby Lobby. I got sand, funnels, a mini sea shells and each kids made a little sand creation to take home! 
Each of the kids had a goodie bag specially made for them! The girls of course had the mermaid bags and the boys pirate bags! They were so cute and the perfect touch for the party! She got them done so fast and shipped them right away! The bags were such great quality and were able to hold up the glass sand creation jars along with the treasure chests, candy and other goodies from the party!
I also had these favor tags made to go with the custom bags! These were the mermaid tags that she made for the party! And the pirate ones! She did a variety of hair colors and colors for the mermaid tags and a variety of designs for the pirate ones! 
The highlight of the activities were the piñata! Isn’t it always with the kids! I was head over heels when I found this piñata! I think i posted about it on instagram video and snapchat multiple times! I could not get over how cute it is!!! Like are you for real with this piñata! Mermaid Pirate Party made to perfection! The details on the piñata were unreal! I could not believe how talented Kim is! 
Now finally onto my favorite part of the party! The FOOD!!!!
I order these plates and napkins they went along with the color scheme and were mermaid and super cute! Here are the purple forks also.  For drinks I did small water bottles with these wrappers 
Next up I had peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches! I used these cookie cutters (they are pretty small, but they were perfect for the 4 year old crowd) 
As for the other sandwich and which happened to be the most popular by far I did crabwiches! Mini croissants with ham and cheese inside them. I took the edible eyes and glued them to toothpicks  that were a little longer and sturdier then normal toothpicks and then stuck them in the sandwiches to create little crabs.
We also had “fish and chips” which essentially was goldfish and lays potato chips! I put them in these cute pink and blue containers from Petite Party Studio only with some little sand dollar and star fish vinyl from Classy Clutter designs. With the food label card from Prints for Events
For one of the sides I did these little banana dolphins. I put them in the containers from Petite Party Studio along with the same vinyl from Classy Clutter. Cut the top off the banana added a little black eye with a sharpie and then placed them in the container. Added some blueberries to create a little ocean and there it was! Little dolphins! 
The cupcakes were just vanilla with a buttercream and then I put crushed up nilla wafers on top. Then added some blue frosting to one of the sides of the mini nilla wafers added a sprinkle for a pearl and topped the cupcakes! I put them in these wrappers and topped them with this printable
I had these cookies and the cake made my Bite Me Delectables. She did an amazing job for an amazing price. If you are in Arizona she is definitely someone you want to contact! 


Next to the cake were a few little treats for the kids to eat and also to take home in their goodie bags! I sprayed these golden oreos with edible gold spray, I put some ring pops in a jar, along with some spiral wafer cookies that I tied with little red ribbons to create pirate scrolls. I then took some skewer sticks and created seaweed with the sour belt strips and finished with pretzel sticks in a jar to make driftwood. 
And thats a wrap of my little girl’s Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party! What do you guys think!? 

Photographs were taken by she does amazing photos or parties, events, children, and pretty much everything else! She also took pictures of my Star Wars Party

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