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Peanut Butter – 3 Different Ways!

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Peanut Butter 3 Ways in Lunch Boxes

Calling all peanut butter lovers! School is back in session which means packing lunch boxes is back in the routine! It has been a fun summer but we are ready for some schedules and my kids are ready to see all their school friends again.

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This summer I made a list of fun summer lunch ideas and it will become a tradition in our home from now on because we all loved it so much! The list provided different ways to fix lunch to bring variety and make having lunch at home fun.

So this school year I wanted to kick it off the same way! Bringing variety into their lunch boxes. Skippy is a plant based protein and provides 7 grams of protein per serving which is a huge benefit for my active kids!


Skippy peanut butter is perfect in so many ways for school lunches. I headed to our local Kroger store and whipped up some lunch options for my 4 kids. My kids are all old enough to make their lunches but they just need some direction. So before school started I showed them a few ways to jazz up their lunches with Skippy

There are so many different ways to serve up Skippy but here are my family’s 3 favorite ways!


3 Ways to Serve Peanut Butter in Lunch Boxes

  • A sandwich

  • As a peanut butter sushi

  • And peanut butter as a dip

Is there anything better than a smooth Skippy peanut butter and jelly? I honestly don’t think so!



Next up is a favorite of my little girls! It is so fun to make and even more fun to eat! My kids love sushi in all forms and let’s be honest eating something fun and different makes them the talk of the lunch room!



And my youngest son’s favorite is peanut butter as a dip! He likes to dip pretzels, fruit and veggies in Skippy. 




Making lunches for school doesn’t have to be boring! Hopefully these few ideas can inspire you to make lunchtime fun in your home! Try it out today!



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